Mobile Telephony

    Whatever you are looking for… Cheap calls and SMS, online 3G, amazing deals and the latest mobile devices, can be yours at affordable prices with PrimeTel Mobile Contracts.


    General Characteristics

    Choose your number

    You may use your existing mobile number or you may choose one or a series of numbers for your staff needs. Currently available numbers are in ranges 951 nnnnn and 955 nnnnn.

    Closed User Group functionality

    All your company mobiles may be added in a Closed User Group.   Subscribers may call each other at a preferential rate as described in our pricing offer below.

    Corporate Hierarchy

    If your company uses cost centers to allocate expenses, PrimeTel can accommodate your arrangements by defining an appropriate structure on your mobile account. This hierarchy can have up to 5 levels and you may define for which cost centers a separate bill will be issued. Top management will always have a clear view of the whole account electronically through the dedicated website tool that we offer you.

    Spend limit / Top-Up

    You may define a maximum limit (in Euro) that you allow each subscriber to be charged monthly.

    In the event that the allocated limit is reached, the subscriber will not be able to make any other calls and charge the company account. If the subscriber wishes to make more calls he/she will have to perform a Top-Up with a scratch card or e-voucher as if it were a Prepaid account. The charging then follows the basic charge as described in the Pricing section.

    Web Self Care Portal

    You may at any point log in to your account and view a wealth of information about your account.

    • Mobiles organized per department
    • Real time account showing unbilled balance
    • Issued invoices  (by department)
    • Calls made by each mobile number, with key filters

    X2 Double megabytes and up to €300 voucher to get your favorite device!

    UnlimitedLogo_1 UnlimitedLogo_1 UnlimitedLogo_1 UnlimitedLogo_1
    Reduced monthly fee €13/month €23/month €32/month €42/month
    €15,00/month €25,00/month €40,00/month €60,00/month
    TALK TIME to all 150 minutes 400 minutes 700 minutes


    TALK TIME to PrimeTel



    SMS to all 150 sms 400 sms



    SMS to PrimeTel





    every month for a whole year
    150 ΜΒ 300 MB 550 ΜΒ 1.1 GB 1,5 GB 3 GB 3 GB 6 GB
    PRIMETEL WIFI SPOTS 150 minutes




    Voucher to spend €100 €200 €250 €300

    in PrimeTel, Public and Telefone stores

    or X2 double megabytes and 50% discount on your monthly fee!

    UnlimitedLogo_1 UnlimitedLogo_1 UnlimitedLogo_1 UnlimitedLogo_1
    Reduced monthly fee €7,50/month €12,50/month €20,00/month
    €15/month €25/month €40/month €60/month

    For call rates click here

    Mobile Internet / VPN

    Subscribers of pay monthly can also choose to add Mobile Internet or VPN bundles. In the event that the subscriber exceeds the usage limit MB comprising the package, then normal rates apply for Mobile Internet. 

    Mobile Internet Plan Monthly Charge MB
    Mobile internet 50MB €3.00 50ΜB
    Mobile internet 250MB €8.00 250MB
    Mobile internet 500MB €12.00 500MB
    Mobile internet 2GB €25.00 2GB
    Mobile VPN Plan Monthly Charge Minutes Included
    VPN 5 €5.00 120 minutes of intra-calls
    VPN 15 €15.00 1200 minutes of intra-calls