Carry a World-Class Hotspot in Your Pocket!

    Connect multiple wireless gadgets to the internet on the go. It might be tiny but the 4G MiFi can be your little travel companion. Enjoy carefree surfing anywhere, anytime. Now you can be connected to the internet with no wires or software to install.

    Select your 4G Μobile Broadband plan and get the 4G MiFi for FREE

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    Device Cost

    Connects wirelessly up to 11 devices

    The Hotspot features are state of the art, supporting up to 11 connected devices at once such as laptops, tablets, Smartphones, so everyone is invited to the WiFi Party. With the onscreen display you can get information on the number of devices connected, network coverage, as well as keep an eye on battery life.


    Fast wireless connectivity

    Imagine the possibilities of surfing anywhere with super fast speeds, watching HD videos, streaming your favorite movies or shows without interruption, connecting with your family and friends via video streaming, and enjoy a world where everything you do with your Smartphone is faster smoother and better.

    Long Battery life

    Now your mobile devices stay connected to the internet for up to 6 consecutive hours thanks to 4G MiFI battery

    Easy to use

    One of the great things about MiFi is that they are so easy to use and set up. All that is required is to turn on the unit. It is a matter of seconds to connect your 4G MiFi and surf with all your devices at parks, sporting events, marinas, faster than you ever thought possible. Imagine a gadget that’s smaller than a deck of cards, as easy to use as a light switch and powerful enough to provide a super-fast Internet connection to numerous devices. That’s a mobile hotspot, which lets you take Wi-Fi with you.

    Dimensions Width
    57.1 mm
    14.4 mm
    about 82g (including the battery)
    Model E5377
    Form LTE Mobile WiFi
    Speed LTE FDD 150Mbps/LTE TDD 112Mbps
    Display 1.45” TFT LCD
    Battery 1500mAh,
    Maximum working time: 6 hours
    Maximum standby time: 300 hours while Wi-Fi is off;
    microSD card slot Supported
    External Antenna Interface Supported (Two)
    Wi-Fi Protocol IEEE 802.11a/b/g/n
    Wi-Fi Connection Number Up to 11 simultaneous users/devices
    Operation System Supporting Windows XP SP3, Windows Vista SP1/SP2, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 8.1 (does not support Windows RT)
    Mac OS X 10.7, 10.8 and 10.9 with latest upgrades
    Your computer’s hardware system should meet or exceed the recommended system requirements for the installed version of OS
    • Terms & Conditions
      • The offer for Mobile Broadband at a reduced price is valid 31/8/2017 on a 24-month contract.
      • The offer for Mobile Broadband at a reduced price is valid for the first twenty four (24) months. Upon expiration of the twenty-four-month (24) period, normal charges will be applied according to Primetel’s published price list.
      • Each Primetel Mobile Broadband plan includes the data volume offered with each plan and its use is possible only under Primetel’s network in Cyprus.
      • Primetel’s Mobile Broadband service can be used abroad in all the countries where there is Roaming agreement and its use is subject to roaming charges which apply in each country.
      • Unused inclusive MBs/GBs within the month cannot be transferred to the next month.
      • The subscriber will receive informational messages at 80% and 100% of the data volume of the plan.
      • The subscriber can send a free SMS to 8133 with the text “BAL” or call 133 to be updated on the remaining balance.
      • Internet speeds are subject to the device the subscriber is using as well as the network capacity of the area where the user is located.
      • In the event that the SIM card is lost or stolen, then the subscriber must communicate with Primetel immediately in order to deactivate the service.
      • Even if the SIM card is not in the possession of the subscriber, the use of the service from the specific SIM card will be charged.
      • Prices include VAT. For more information please call 133.

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