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About Primetel

Primetel is the only alternative telecom operator in Cyprus with an independent island-wide, IP based, fiber optic fixed network infrastructure. Primetel owns and operates a truly regional network, spanning across Greece, Cyprus, Europe and Russia, providing city-to-city connectivity, data communications and IP-based services between key European and Middle East markets.

Strategic partnerships allow Primetel to make use of the fiber optic infrastructure of the Electricity Authority of Cyprus and the Reliance group. As a result, Primetel operates fully independent fiber backbone & distribution networks in Cyprus and across the Mediterranean.

Primetel successfully secures the license for a 3rd Mobile Network in Cyprus and evolves from Mobile Virtual Network Operator (MVNO) to Mobile Network Operator (MNO).

Our solutions
Primetel can provide a service portfolio of standard and enhanced telecommunication services for businesses and individuals in Cyprus, such as, but not limited to:

  • Mobile Telephony
  • Fixed Telephony
  • Internet Access
  • Data Network VPNs
  • National and International Leased Lines
  • Mobile VPNs
  • Built to Purpose Data Center

The capability of our fixed network allows the provisioning of a complete range of services, known as “triple play” (Voice, Data and Video) over a single connection, to corporate, wholesale customers and carriers up to Gigabit connectivity, as well as to small and medium size businesses with smaller requirements.
Modern businesses are increasingly looking for enhanced-value products and services that allow them to further leverage the power of the Internet to expand products / services and markets, increase productivity and reduce costs. Primetel’s existing customer base and strong, balanced position in both the carrier access and hosting service platforms give us a competitive edge in offering our services.

Primetel network

Primetel operates a multitude of network technologies with state of the art elements.

International network

Primetel operates a high performance Gigabit Ethernet IP fibre-optic network with points of presence in Cyprus, Greece, Russia, Germany and the United Kingdom. It combines key state-of-the-art network elements and superior engineering. These are critical to the setting up of a high-capacity high-reliability backbone network.
A 24-hour Network Operations Centre ensures seamless and trouble-free network operation. The PrimeTel network has been engineered from the ground up to satisfy the most demanding and strict service level agreements.
PrimeTel has built an independent, privately owned, submarine landing station in Yeroskipos, Cyprus with a new generation DWDM Multi-terrabit fibre-optic cable. Current operation capacity is 80Gbps with further live capacity available. This initiative has made a significant impact on the Cyprus telecommunications sector and economy; helping establish Cyprus as a country ready for new and emerging services facilitated by high speed links with alternative routing and lower prices.

Primetel Cyprus network

Primetel has deployed fiber-optics within urban areas, and rapidly implementing fiber optic coverage at rural areas. Fiber access to customer is fully independent since fiber optic is terminated at customers’ premises, directly connected to Primetel core network. At Branches, where access is copper pair, copper is passive; it not connected to any active equipment of other providers. Primetel has its own DSLAMs, and this constitutes Primetel as a fully independent provider.
Our company is the only alternative telecom operator in Cyprus with an independent island-wide, IP based, fiber optic fixed network infrastructure. By using a modern excavation technique for the first time in Cyprus, Primetel deploys its own ducting, capable of hosting fiber optics networks, increasing to the maximum the current capacity and facilitating ultra-high data transfer rates at a minimum delay.

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