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    Image of GameShow Cyprus

    Gameshow Cyprus, the biggest and most anticipated gaming gathering in the island, will take place on the 22nd and 23rd of December at the eSports arena of Filoxenia Conference Center, and it’s set to break all records.

    PrimeTel in collaboration with Kinx Gaming organize a great multithematic gaming show, a mega event for technology and video game enthusiasts, in order to reward the most talented gamers in Cyprus.

    This Christmas you will enjoy an exciting gaming experience at a specially designed, high-tech eSports arena with the fastest, most reliable network ever built in Cyprus!

    Why should you participate in Gameshow Cyprus?

    Join us to experience a unique blend of games, eSport tournaments, talks, events, gaming gurus and internet heroes in a 2-day celebration of gaming:

    • Compete in major eSports tournaments while playing your favorite video games, that you will choose through online voting (Yes, it will surely have FORTNITE!)
    • Claim amazing crowdfunded prizes, freebies and gifts
    • Participate in the largest LAN Party ever organised in Cyprus with more than 200 interconnected PCs
    • Experience the power of PrimeTel Fiber at the highest speeds ever recorded in the island
    • Catch up with the latest gaming trends, attend workshops and talks by YouTube and industry influencers
    • Represent your favourite game character on stage in an amazing Cosplay Show
    • Discover the world’s hottest gaming products and exclusively test new game titles and advanced consoles

    You think you are the best gamer in Cyprus? Prove it!
    Join now and vote the games you wish to watch or compete in, here: www.gameshowcyprus.com and watch the video here!