International Limassol Marathon GSO. Another Successful Event

    April 6, 2015 Press Releases 0 comments

    The first International Limassol Marathon GSO took place 9 years ago with the participation of 70 athletes.

    This year, the 10.000 athletes who participated have confirmed that the Marathon is the top Cyprus sporting event, certified by the pertinent international associations. Approximately 1.500 athletes have arrived from abroad (from European countries, Japan, the USA, Brazil, Australia, China as well as Turkey) to reassert the recognition this institution enjoys on an international scale.

    PrimeTel could not have been missing from such an important event. Bringing Limassol and Cyprus to the fore through such events constitutes a positive advertisement of the quality of life and living standard, while also promoting the beauty of the country on an international level. PrimeTel supports this effort and renders both practical and symbolic assistance to the organization of the event, as a sponsor of the 5Km Corporate Race “PrimeTel 5Km Corporate Race 2015” and with its team of participants in the Race, respectively.

    The 5Km Corporate Race –sponsored by our company- has had great success as well with an unexpectedly considerable number of participants.

    A total of 155 companies have taken part with more than 3.100 athletes. Aristotelis Ioannou (Infoscreen Quorum) has finished first. PrimeTel’s team finished 7th, with 100 participants. Eros Malaos had the best record time among PrimeTel’s athletes.

    We run with a smile and we carried the most beautiful messages across.