‘Think Green, Think Positive’ by AMDOCS, Carob Mill Restaurants LTD and PrimeTel

    October 22, 2013 Press Releases 0 comments

    The companies Carob Mill Restaurants LTD and PrimeTel have decided to join forces, embrace life, and take social and environmental action with common campaign, ‘Think Positive’.

    The campaign started in October with the slogan ‘Think Green, Think Positive’ and was put into effect with the tree planting of a Park in Omonia Avenue. The tree planting event joined Amdocs’ personnel, both fostering the campaign and supporting a good cause. PrimeTel Events and PR Supervisor added in a statement: ‘Corporate Social Responsibility is important to our Company and that is why contributing to society and promoting environmental awareness is of great value to us’. Carob Mill Restaurants’ representative, Georgia Chrysanthou also said: ‘at a time when society is put through stress and pressure, both companies and individuals have the responsibility of supporting and endorsing these principles’.

    ‘Think Positive’ Campaign is expected to wrap up by the end of the summer 2014, with a minimum of ten social events aiming at charitable giving to both people and the environment. PrimeTel and Carob Mill Restaurants LTD send out an open invitation to both organised corporate and social groups so as to help strengthen this Campaign.