PrimeTel PLC

    PrimeTel is an electronic communications and information technology company established in Cyprus on the 18th of June 2003. It develops and offers Fixed and Mobile Telephony, Internet and TV.

    PrimeTel, founded in June 2003, is licensed by the Office of the Commissioner of Electronic Communications and Postal Regulation (OCECPR) to establish and operate a fixed public telecommunications network and to provide fixed-line electronic communications.

    We deliver innovative services to consumers thanks to our autonomous island-wide fiber optics network that also allows us to compete on differentiation and operate with higher capital efficiency. PrimeTel’s network infrastructure currently reaches more than 250,000 premises in the Republic of Cyprus.

    The company also offers a wide range of broadband services for the corporate and residential market. PrimeTel owns and operates an international network, providing network connectivity, data communications and IP-based services. Our constant commitment is to provide comprehensive solutions with competitive packages of broadband services.



    • Fixed telephony
    • Mobile Telephony
    • High-speed Internet
    • Digital Television
    • Leased circuits
    • Hosting and Collocation



    • Corporate customers
    • Residential customers
    • Telecommunication carriers
    • Mobile telephony users