Mobile Telephony

Whatever you are looking for… Cheap calls and SMS, online 4G, amazing deals and the latest mobile devices, can be yours at affordable prices with Primetel Mobile Contracts.

Choose your number

You may use your existing mobile number or you may choose one or a series of numbers for your staff needs. Currently available numbers are in ranges 951 nnnnn and 955 nnnnn.

Closed User Group functionality

All your company mobiles may be added in a Closed User Group. Subscribers may call each other at a preferential rate as described in our pricing offer below.

Spend limit / Top-Up

You may define a maximum limit (in Euro) that you allow each subscriber to be charged monthly.

In the event that the allocated limit is reached, the subscriber will not be able to make any other calls and charge the company account. If the subscriber wishes to make more calls he/she will have to perform a Top-Up with a scratch card or e-voucher as if it were a Prepaid account. The charging then follows the basic charge as described in the Pricing section.

Web Self Care Portal

You may at any point log in to your account and view a wealth of information about your account.

  • Mobiles organized per department
  • Real time account showing non-billed balance
  • Issued invoices (by department)
  • Calls made by each mobile number, with key filters

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Read all you need to know about PrimeTel's Unlimited mobile plans.

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