The volume, magnitude, type and complexity of DDoS attacks against organisations have increased substantially over time. Traditional security strategies such as firewalls, intrusion prevention systems (IPS) or web application firewalls (WAF) which only defend the perimeter of corporate communications, are no longer sufficient to protect an organisation’s network. This is the reason why it is no longer adequate to attempt to protect against these threats from an internal position. An organisation requires an alliance with an ICT expert who can provide their business with robust protection against any kind of attack.

    DDoS Protection service provided to you by PrimeTel (powered and supported by Telxius – Telefónica Group), is a solution which detects and mitigates these types of attacks before they reach your network and that allows you to maintain and achieve high service levels due to the reassurance of having comprehensive protection against multiple digital vulnerabilities and threats.


    DDoS Shield

    Detects and mitigates DDoS attacks before they reach your network. It is able to identify malicious and legitimate traffic. The former is discarded while the legitimate part is re-directed to your network again.


    Traffic flows are collected from our edge routers, and inform the creation of your traffic patterns on which detection alarms are based. Profiles of the most common attacks are built and alert thresholds can be set up.


    Worldwide scrubbing centres. Traffic is diverted to the scrubbing centres in order to clean the malicious traffic.

    PrimeTel’s DDoS Protection service (powered and supported by Telxius – Telefónica Group), is an Internet transit value-added service, which offers a security solution that detects and mitigates DDoS attacks.

    As a Telecom Provider, PrimeTel provides customers with services that deliver maximum efficiency and a compressive protection against Internet threats. Our global Tier-1 network and strong experience in networks and routing allows us to combine all the required capabilities to provide a complete solution against DDoS attacks.

    A cyber-breach can occur across companies from many industry sectors (financial services enterprises, e-commerce companies, government institutions, data centres, telcos, healthcare, retail companies, etc.) as they are all vulnerable to denial of service attacks, especially if their business relies on online operations. Customers of an organization remain the number one target off attacks (75%), with the rest 25% targeting network and services (Arbor Networks -Worldwide Infrastructure Security Report).

    The cost of downtime depends on several factors, such as the type of organisation, sector, number of people impacted, etc. For example:

    • Attacks against banks can interrupt their online services preventing customer and partner access to real-time resources or transaction processing.

    • For online gambling companies, an outage of their services can lead to furious clients, complaints and lost revenues as well as brand and reputational damage due to the negative customer experience.

    Enterprises are at a higher risk of financial loss and reputational damage than ever before. Network security is now critical to their survival with DDoS Protection services offering the full protection and mitigation capacity necessary for corporate peace of mind.

    • Global visibility of a Tier-1 network with a capacity higher than 8 Tbps
    • Full protection of your network
    • Saturation of your Internet links is avoided
    • Detection and mitigation of any kind of attack, either volumetric or application attacks
    • No restrictions on the kind of services that can be protected
    • No billing shocks
    • Worldwide 24×7 support
    • Automated and customised reports with full online monitoring
    • Protection of SSL traffic
    • Maximum capacity: higher mitigation capacity than other solutions in the market
    • The service is adapted to your budget and CAPEX investment is not necessary



    DDoS Protection solution by PrimeTel, provides:

      • Granularity

    Only the IPs attacked are diverted to the mitigation centres

      • Transparency

    The clean traffic is delivered back to your network without affecting the rest of your services

      • Reliability

    High availability of the mitigation centres

      • Low latency

    The traffic will be sent to the closest mitigation centre

      • Privacy

    Statistical analysis maintains the privacy of the packets

      • Custom options

    Making our service fit for your purpose

      • Reporting

    On-line portal for instant access to real-time data and statistics about mitigations actioned and traffic information

    PrimeTel, offers DDoS Protection solution, through a strategic partnership with Telxius – Telefónica Group, an experienced, trustful, highly specialized and with a very strong global presence group of companies.

    Telefónica is an innovative company, with an immense technological potential that multiplies the ability to choose of its more than 346 million clients in 21 countries and an average of 127,000 professionals. 

    Telxius is the global telecommunications infrastructure company of the Telefónica Group, who manage an international fibre optic cable network connecting Europe and America of approximately 65,000 kilometres, 31,000 of which are owned by the company. Telxius aims to capture the exponential increase of data traffic expected in the coming years with an international high-capacity cable network.


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