January 16, 2017 Newsletter 0 comments

    ENI is a multinational oil and gas company headquartered in Rome. It has operations in 79 countries and employs 34 thousand people in 69 countries. The Italian government owns 30,3% of its shares.

    The company name originated as the acronym for Ente Nazionale Idrocarburi (National Hydrocarbon Authority). A few years after its founding it branched out into a number of sectors, including nuclear energy, chemicals and plastics and fossil fuel extraction.

    For the past two years PrimeTel counts ENI among its corporate clients, fulfilling all of ENI’s telecommunications needs (Internet, Telephony, Connectivity).
    Recently ENI signed a two-year contract with PrimeTel making us its mobile telephony provider.

    ENI did not pick PrimeTel by accident. It has been an industry leader in Cyprus for over ten years. PrimeTel’s professionalism, responsiveness to client needs, its competitive rates and, most importantly, the sense that we are working with a true partner have led us to renew and deepen our collaboration by signing a two-year contract entrusting it with our mobile telephony needs.

    Alessandro Barberis, Managing Director ENI.