Applications and websites run better in high-performance Data Centers. Therefore, either hosting your corporate site or a demanding application, our infrastructure can fully meet your needs.

    Data Center Services

    For companies that want reliable, uninterrupted operations for their equipment and to use a high-capacity network, PrimeTel offers solutions through modern infrastructure and specially certified Data Centers, available in Nicosia, Limassol and Paphos (Anatoliko).

    Server Co-Location

    The Server Co-Location service ensures reliable, uninterrupted operations of the systems with the use of high bandwidth, where it is no longer necessary to maintain the necessary housing, networking, support, security and surveillance systems.

    At the PrimeTel Data Centers we offer
    Uninterruptible power supply
    Ideal conditions for temperature, humidity and static electricity
    High standards on systems of fire detection & fire fighting
    Systems for physical access control, 24x7x365 monitoring and high speed access

    Disaster Recovery

    The service Disaster Recovery is aimed at businesses who want to ensure uninterrupted operations from the possibility of natural disasters (earthquakes, fires, floods, etc.) and/or sabotage (burglary, theft) of their facilities.

    PrimeTel, drawing on their expertise and most modern facilities, can and proposes specific solutions for all businesses who want to get a backup system running, away from their own Data Center.


    PrimeTel registered names and .com enables you:
    To protect the name of your company and your products, ensuring the name is published on the internet
    To register domain names for specific uses (e.g. specific promotions, advertising, contests and products)
    Additional Services
    Service corporate e-mail with an unlimited number of accounts registered in this domain name
    Servicing Domain Name Hosting (DNS Hosting)

    Website & Email Hosting

    Packages such as website & email hosting offer the most reliable option for hosting your Internet presence and supporting your corporate email.

    All Packages Offer:
    Sufficient storage for pages
    Unlimited email accounts using your Corporate Domain name

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