June 19, 2017 Newsletter 0 comments

    PrimeTel has ended roaming within the European Union countries as of June 1st, 2017, giving the opportunity to its subscribers to communicate like being in Cyprus while being in the EU and at the same time enjoying 4G speeds.

    All new and existing PrimeTel subscribers can use the fixed minutes, MB and SMS of their program at no extra cost when they are in the EU.

    As of June 1st, PrimeTel subscribers can, at no extra cost:

    – Use the available talk time of their outgoing calls program to Cyprus or to any other EU country
    – Use the available SMS messages for sending text messages to all EU destinations
    – Use the available MBs of their internet browsing program
    – Serve at incredibly fast 4G speeds in 21 EU countries
    – Receive free incoming calls

    Similarly, programs that do not include fixed minutes, SMS or MB will also apply local charges, at no extra charge.

    PrimeTel allows all its subscribers to enjoy 4G fast speeds in 21 countries of the European Union and a total of 57 countries worldwide, more countries than any other provider in Cyprus.