Call abroad with the lowest rates.

    Activate the International Call Saver and call abroad with the lowest rates.

    How can I activate the International Call Saver service?

    Dial *123# to activate the service free of charge. .

    How do I use the service?

    You just dial 8282 prior to the international number you wish to call

    ie. 8282 + 00 + Country Code + number

    Example: If you wish to make a call in England, then you should dial: 8282 + 00 + 44 + 7XXX XXXXX

    Note: Any international call without the use of the prefix will be charged at standard rates.

    How can I deactivate the service?

    Dial *123# to deactivate the service.

    Service Cost and Rates (Incl.VAT)

    PAYG ChargePOSTPAID Charge
    Activation of the service€0.00€0.20
    Deactivation of the service€1.00€0.20
    Service monthly fee€0.00€2.00
    International callsInternational Call Saver ratesInternational Call Saver rates

    Terms & Conditions

    • The Service is available to PrimeTel PAYG and Postpaid customers.
    • To get the lower rates customer needs to activate the service and enter the prefix 8282 prior to the international number. If the prefix is not entered then customer will be charged normal rates.
    • The service is not available while roaming.
    • The international call charges will be charged per minute.
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