With the new PrimeTel plans you can now connect to the internet on your laptop or tablet, wherever you are 24/7. In addition, they offer you control as well as protection, so that you can surf… without surprises!

    4G Mobile Broadband on your laptop or your tablet!

    With PrimeTel Mobile Broadband plans you will surely benefit from high data transfer speeds through 4G, HSPA+, 3.5G, 3G and GPRS technologies PrimeTel’s network. Through the seamless switching of these technologies, you can always stay connected with the highest available speeds according to the network capacity of your area.

    Choose the plan which suits you!

    MBB 1GB

    MBB 2GB

    MBB 5GB

    MBB 10GB

    MBB 20GB
    In order to be informed about your available internet volume, you may send a free SMS to 8133 with the command “BAL”, at any time.

    Usage Extension Plans



    In order to activate the Usage Extension Plans, send a free SMS to 8133 with the command “100MB” or “512MB” depending on the package you would like. You will, thus, automatically receive additional 100 or 512 MB respectively, valid for 30 days.

    Why PrimeTel Mobile Broadband?

    • You can be informed about your currently available internet volume at any time, by sending a SMS from your computer or tablet.
    • PrimeTel informs you via a free SMS before you have used up the free MB included in your plan, so that you can surf stress free! Unless you choose a Usage Extension Plan, the service will be suspended automatically until the following month, and you will not be charged additionally to the flat fee you have chosen.
    • If your MB are used up, but you would like to continue surfing, you may activate one of the Usage Extension Plans at any time and as many times as you wish, depending on your needs.
    • Terms & Conditions
      • The offer for Mobile Broadband at a reduced price is valid from 02/04/2015 until 30/09/2020 on a 24-month contract.
      • The offer for Mobile Broadband at a reduced price is valid for the first twenty four (24) months. Upon expiration of the twenty-four-month (24) period, normal charges will be applied according to Primetel’s published price list.
      • Each Primetel Mobile Broadband plan includes the data volume offered with each plan and its use is possible only under Primetel’s network in Cyprus.
      • Unused inclusive MBs/GBs within the month cannot be transferred to the next month.
      • The subscriber will receive informational messages at 80% and 100% of the data volume of the plan.
      • The subscriber can send a free SMS to 8133 with the text “BAL” or call 133 to be updated on the remaining balance.
      • Internet speeds are subject to the device the subscriber is using as well as the network capacity of the area where the user is located.
      • In the event that the SIM card is lost or stolen, then the subscriber must communicate with Primetel immediately in order to deactivate the service.
      • Even if the SIM card is not in the possession of the subscriber, the use of the service from the specific SIM card will be charged.
      • Prices include VAT. For more information please call 133.

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