Fast and Unlimited Internet without a landline with only €24.90/month! 

    Moving to a new place? Are you a student? Visiting your holiday home?

    No need to wait for an installation team or worse wait to have a new line installed. Connect your laptop, tablet, and phone – whatever you want, with Plug n Play Broadband and get fast internet without the hassle.

    Plug n Play Broadband as its name indicates is a simple small plug & play device. Simply plug in the device into a power outlet wherever you are and immediately surf with ultra fast speeds of PrimeTel’s network. The Plug n Play Broadband service is available with or without a contract because we know you like to be flexible.


    24 month contracts


    Plug n Play Broadband 1

    Plug n Play Broadband 2

    Plug n Play Broadband 3

    Plug n Play Broadband 4

    Download/Upload speed


    Monthly Payment




    You can also get Plug and Play device without a contract commitment for just €139!

    FormLTE Router
    SpeedLTE CAT4 capable for connections of up to 150Mbps
    USB Interface1
    Wi-Fi Protocol802.11b/g/n
    Wi-Fi Connection Number32
    • Terms & Conditions
      • The operation of this service requires a 4G mobile telephony network coverage and Primetel’s Plug n Play device (the “Device”). The Device may only be used for the provision Primetel’s Plug n Play service.
      • The service is available to new and existing subscribers of Primetel under a 24month period contract or without any contract.
      • In case of subscribers with a 24month period contract the Device is offered at a discount price or/and free of charge, while in case of subscribers without any contract the Device is purchased by the subscriber. In any case the Device, after the conclusion of a contract or/and after the purchase of the Device, shall constitute the property of the subscriber.
      • In case a subscriber chooses a 24month period contract and wishes to terminate the contract before the minimum 24month period expires, the terms for Early Termination of the Customer Service Agreement apply, as published on PrimeTel’s website.
      • The fair use policy for the unlimited internet access service applies: When the overall data usage in a calendar month exceeds 100GB, PrimeTel shall reduce the connection speed to 512kbps (download/upload) until the end of the month, for the purposes of protecting the network’s capacity and ensuring the best possible experience for all the users of PrimeTel’s data services.
      • PrimeTel’s general terms and conditions for the provision of mobile telephony services apply.

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