PrimeTel Mobile’s Roaming service travels with you!

    Travelling is full of moments and adventures. Whether you are traveling to other countries for pleasure or business, we make sure you stay connected and share your experiences with family and friends back home. With PrimeTel mobile, you can use your phone to make and receive calls, send messages and use mobile internet in more than 190 countries and territories thanks to our constantly increasing partners list coverage plan.

    For roaming charges in the areas of the Republic of Cyprus not under the effective control of the Government click here.

    Please select your country destination:


    This country is part of the zone 1.

    Country dialing code: 30
    The country that you have selected is part of the Roam Like At Home EU Regulation. No roaming charges while travelling to EU* countries, as of 1st June!

     Unlimited Mobile plans



    You can use your existing mobile plan without any extra cost within EU* countries! More specifically you can:

    • Use the talk minutes included in your plan for outgoing calls to Cyprus and to any other EU* country.
    • Use the SMS messages included in your plan for texting to Cyprus and to any other EU* country.
    • Use the MB included in your plan to surf.
    • Receive calls for free.

    Also domestic rates apply for out of bundle usage at no extra cost.

    You can now use your mobile services and be charged at domestic rates with no extra cost when traveling to EU* countries, for talking and texting to EU* countries, as well as surfing with extremely fast speeds!

    For domestic rates click here

    You can now use your mobile services and be charged at domestic rates with no extra cost when traveling to EU* countries, for talking and texting to EU* countries, as well as surfing with extremely fast speeds!

    For domestic rates click here 

    For All Packages ( Unlimited Mobile plans/PostPaid/PrePaid):

    Outgoing calls outside EU*:


    Sending SMS outside EU*:



    Billing increments & Charging info

    EU* is defined to be the list of regulated EU countries under the scope of the EU Roaming Regulations and includes only calls to fixed and mobile numbers; calls to premium, special services, and any number other than fixed and mobile are excluded and charged as calls outside EU*.
    For outgoing calls within EU* domestic billing increments apply.
    For outgoing calls outside EU*, there is a minimum charge of 60 seconds and then the charging step applies per 30 seconds.
    For incoming calls the charging step applies per second.
    For mobile internet the charging step applies per KB.
    In accordance with EU regulations, data roaming is subject to limits (currently €50/month excl. VAT, limit applies to out of bundle usage only). You will receive an SMS when you get close to the limit and have the option to call 133 if you wish to avoid the restriction.

    Greece/Services available

    OperatorNetwork Type/FrequencyPay As You GoPay Monthly2G/3G Data4G/LTE Data
    COSMOTE2G: 1800,3G: 2100
    VODAFONE2G: 900/1800, 3G: 2100
    WIND2G: 900 / 1800,3G: 2100
    • Terms and Conditions
      • Voicemail service is activated by default. For activation/deactivation of the voicemail service, call customer service at 133 for free or call to voicemail at 122, select option 0 and then select option 7.
      • Incoming calls while roaming, which are forwarded to other Cypriot number or to voicemail, are charged for both receiving and making a call to Cyprus based on the roaming zone that the visited country/network belongs to.
      • Calls to 122 for Voicemail while roaming are charged as outgoing roaming calls to Cyprus.
      • Outgoing calls to National Free Phone (800), to International Free Phone (00800), to Premium Services, to Satellite Networks or to any other Local Service that the roaming partner provides, will be charged according to the roaming rates that the roaming partner network applies.
      • Roaming services are provided by networks other than PrimeTel, i.e. by external carriers. Thus, PrimeTel shall not be responsible for the way in which these external carriers provide or fail to provide any service (including disconnection, lack of coverage or in the performance of these carriers’ networks, establishment of calls or SMS etc).
      • Incoming calls while roaming in EU* countries are not charged. Extra charges apply when receiving calls while roaming outside EU* countries based on the roaming zone that the visited country/network belongs to.
      • All charges must be paid in full when they are due. However, there may be delays in PrimeTel receiving notice from external carriers regarding charges to be billed to the subscribers. This does not affect PrimeTel’s right to charge the subscribers or receive payment from the latter.
    • Roam Like at Home Clarifications

      For “Roam Like At Home” service in EU* countries, the below clarifications and terms apply:

      • Embedded minutes, messages (SMS) and mobile data in Unlimited Mobile plans can be used while roaming, without any additional cost. Regarding the included minutes and SMS towards PrimeTel numbers, they will not be available while roaming as they concern on-net usage within the PrimeTel network in Cyprus.
      • After the consumption of the included minutes, SMS and mobile data, local charges will apply.
      • Additional data bundles (add-ons) can be used during roaming.
      • Roaming is not offered for “Plug n Play Broadband”, “Mobile Broadband” and “M2M” services hence “Roam Like At Home” is not applicable.
      • “Roam Like At Home” is also applied to prepaid mobile services “Pay As You Go” as well as to other Flexi Plans, Mobile Basic, which have no embedded minutes, SMS and Data. Local charges of each plan will be applied.
      • “Roam Like At Home” will not be applied to products such as Travel Internet, Tourist SIM Pack or any other relevant products.
      • Subscribers will be able to receive free incoming calls and SMS.
      • “Roam Like At Home” does not apply in cases of permanent roaming, and in such a case surcharges will be applied according and in line with the EU Roaming Regulations.
      • Fair use policy applies to all contracts and prepaid subscriptions, according and in line with the Roaming Like At Home EU Regulation.
      • In case customers’ mobile phones pick up a signal from another country outside the EU* countries, near the borders with the foregoing, Roam Like At Home terms and conditions do not apply.
      • Roam Like At Home: Terms and conditions apply
    • EU* Countries

      Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Croatia, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Iceland, Ireland, Italy, Latvia, Liechtenstein, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malta, Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden, United Kingdom, French Guiana, Gibraltar, Guadeloupe, Martinique, Reunion, St. Barthelemy, St. Martin, Mayotte, Canary Islands, Azores and Madeira.

    • In order to reach our customer services please call 133 from your mobile or (+357) 2210 2210 for free.
    • All tariffs include VAT.
    • When roaming under any of the operators for which the service is marked with a √, all services are available (SMS, receiving calls, outgoing calls). In the cases where the service is marked with √*, all services except outgoing calls are available.
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