Switch to PrimeTel Mobile

    Keep your existing mobile number or choose your own new one!

    Enjoy our mobile services and keep your existing mobile number or choose a new one!

    You can have the PrimeTel experience and keep your mobile number, regardless of the network you are currently with or your mobile plan (Pay As You Go or Pay Monthly).

    It’s quick and easy. Simply visit one of our Customer Support Centers with the following:

    • Political ID (passport for non-permanent residents)
    • SIM card
    • Most recent bill (if you are transferring a Pay Monthly number)
    * We’ll provide you with a new PrimeTel Mobile SIM card. Within 6 days you will receive a confirmation text so that you can replace your old SIM card with the new one provided.

    Choose your number service*

    If you want your mobile phone number to mean something… such as a birthday, your lucky numbers, or even to match your landline number, switch to PrimeTel mobile and choose your own number from our vast selection!

    Follow these simple steps:

    • Enter the number of your choice.
    • Choose between the two categories: PrimeTel numbers & Gold numbers.
    • Select your number.
    • Purchase a SIM Pack from any PrimeTel store or from your nearest kiosk.
    • Dial 133 and follow the simple instructions to activate the number you have chosen by entering your mobile phone number and Reference Number.

    Choose your Number

    *The Choose your Number service offers more than 100,000 numbers and is available for both Pay Monthly and Pay As You Go services.
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