Fixed & InternetPrice
    Telephony Service€2,00
    Internet Speed Downgrade Fee€20,00
    Additional Services
    Telephone Number Selection
    Basic NumberFree
    Premium Number€40,34
    Transfer of Service to New Address (change of physical location)€50
    Relocation of Service (same address – same DP)€50
    Transfer of Ownership€15,00
    Activate Caller ID€10,00
    Caller ID€2,00
    Extended Itemized Bill (Once-off)€10,00
    Extended Itemized Bill (Monthly Fee)€2,00
    Issuing of Extended Itemized Bill€10,08
    Change of Telephone Number€15,00
    Change of Name€15,00
    Bill Investigation€2,02
    Malicious Call Tracing (For 15 Days Period)€6,00
    Malicious Call Tracing (For 1 Month Period)€12,10
    Barring of International CallsFree
    Call ForwardingFree
    Barring of audiotext calls (900 calls)Free
    De-barring of International Calls€6,00
    De-barring of audiotext calls (900 calls)€6,00
    Installation of new telephone line (available also in 12 monthly installments)€12,00
    PrimeTime magazine shipping charges€2,00
    Home visit from PrimeTel’s technical crew (This charge only applies when the subscriber and not the company is responsible for the technical problem)€50,00
    Changing Packages
    Administration Fee€20,00
    Installer visit (optional)€50,00
    Additional Telephone Line
    Administration Fee€2,00
    Monthly fee€10,00
    Administration cost for early termination€28
    Reactivation Fee€4
    For PrimeHome / PrimeTVPlus
    TV Service Activation€24,00
    Basic Tv Package€9,00
    Family Tv Package€19,90
    Premium Tv Package€24,90
    Premium Plus Tv Package€34,90
    PlugNPlay TV – 24 Months€34,90
    PlugNPlay TV – 12 Months€39,90
    Red package€22,60
    Dorcel Adult Channel€4,99
    Hustler Adult Package (3 channels)€12,60
    TV package Downgrade Fee€20,00
    Prime public combines fixed telephony and PublicTV and is designed for customers who use the service of public viewing (i.e. cafeterias, pubs, betting shops, restaurants etc). You can also add the Internet service with selection of speeds.From €150,00
    For PrimeBusiness
    Note: The quoted charges for Internet and Television upgrades are per month
    Monthly Fee€5,00
    Administration Fee€20,00
    Installer Visit€50,00
    Note: PrimeTel offers MultiRoom so you can watch different channels in other rooms of your home. By installing a 2nd Set-Top box, you can watch two different channels at the same time having only one subscription. Prerequisites: User’s profile 15Mbps or less than 1,5Km distance from nearest Main Distribution Frame.

    Mobile Charges
    Other charges:
    Administration cost for early termination €28
    Reactivation Fee €4
    Mobile Basic Plan Monthly Fee €2

    Administration cost for changing package (downgrade):
    1. To another “Unlimited” Plan €10
    2. To Mobile Basic Plan €28

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