3inOne - April

    1. The 3inOne offer with only €36.90 or €41,90 or €51.90 /month applies to new subscribers that choose to register to PrimeTel’s 3inOne Package, from March 31st, 2019 until 31/05/2019, on a 24 months contract.

    2. The 3inOne Package includes (1) Fixed Telephony, (2) Internet 10Mbps and (3) PrimeTel’s Television Basic or Premium or Premium Plus Package. At the end of the 24 months, the normal monthly fees of the plans apply.

    3. The offer does not apply to any one off charges and / or any monthly charges arising from usage, and / or any additional upgrades that may be selected by the subscriber in addition to the monthly charges.

    4. The subscriber may choose additional upgrades on 3inOne package services and the additional monthly charges will be adjusted in accordance with the applicable published pricelist of PrimeTel.

    5. Any subscriber who wishes to terminate the Customer Service Agreement that has concluded with PrimeTel PLC before the expiration of the Initial Term of the Agreement, can do so regardless of the provisions of the Customer Service Agreement, by paying the remaining value of any amount by which the subscriber has been subsidized by PrimeTel.

    6. Applicable terms and conditions for each individual service of the 3inOne Package are valid.

    7. All the prices on PrimeTel’s marketing material and/or other promotional activities related to this offer include V.A.T.

    8. If you are installing a new landline, we’ll need the name of your premises’ access cable box. The box which is located on the outside of the premises houses the building’s provision for telephone cabling.

    9. Registration fee €24 applies for new and port in activations.

    10. For more information contact PrimeTel’s Customer Service at 133.

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