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    1.       Object of the competition. PRIMETEL PLC (hereinafter referred to as the “Organizer” or “PrimeTel”) announces a competition called “Fox life” (hereinafter referred to as the “Competition”).

    2.       Right to participate in the Competition. All persons who have their permanent residence in the Republic of Cyprus and are over 18 years of age, are eligible to participate in the Competition.

    3.       Exclusion of Competitors: The following are excluded from the competition: a) the employees of the Organiser, b) the persons of first-degree affinity with the above employees and the spouses of the above employees, c) those who use a pseudonym when using the social networking platform, so as it is not possible to verify their identity. Exclusion is possible at any stage of the Competition even at the stage of Gifts delivery.

    4.       Participation in the Competition. Participating in the Competition requires all participants to have an account and a real Facebook profile (having accepted all terms and conditions of Facebook) and have an active PrimeTel Television package. If the account or profile is proven fake, the Organizer may exclude the participants from participation in the Competition and any claims for the Competition’s Gifts will be void.

    5.       Duration of the Competition. The duration of the Competition is defined as the period from 20/12/2018 (hereinafter referred to as the “Opening of the Competition”), until 11/01/2019 until 12.00 pm (hereinafter referred to as the “End of the Competition”). The announcement of the Winners will take place on the 14/01/2019 according to article 9 of these Terms and Conditions.

    6.     How to participate in the Competition. Those wishing to participate in the Competition must: 1) Have an active PrimeTel Television package, 2) complete the participation form under the following link (  and 3) Like the competition on the PrimeTel Facebook page,

    7.       Gifts. Twelve (12) persons (hereinafter the “Winners”) will win 6 collectable gifts each from the best movie series of Fox Life: “The Kids are alright” Tote Bag, “Grey’s Anatomy” Travel Mug, “Station 19” t-Shirt, “How to get away with murder” notebook, “For the people” tote bag, “Jamie Oliver” book, (hereinafter the “Gift”).

    The above Gift is specific, it cannot be exchanged and it cannot be redeemed with money or any other product or in any other way.

    By accepting the Gift of the Competition, the Winners agree that the Organizer can publish their names for any activity related to the Competition through public relations and media. The Winners further agree that they will be available to participate in any photoshoot and/or any other promotional activity throughout Cyprus for the purposes of the Competition at any time.

    8.       Announcement of the Winner. The Winners of the Competition will be twelve (12) persons selected with a draw, who have correctly completed all stages mentioned in article 6 herein. The draw will take place on the 14/01/2019.

    9.       Information about the award – Receipt of the Gift. The details of the Winners of the Competition will be announced on the website and the Winners will be informed by the Organizer through a Facebook post and/or through a personal message. If, for any reason, no communication with a Winner of the Competition has been possible within seven (7) calendar days after publishing the relevant post and/or sending a relevant personal message to him / her, that person will lose his/her right to the relevant Gift definitely. For the replacement of the Winner a new drawn will take place in order to select a new Winner.

    10.   Liability. The Organizer will not be liable if for any technical reason it is impossible to receive and register a participation in the system of the Website. In any case, the liability of the Organizer will be limited to acts or omissions of deceit or gross negligence and in no event it will extend to accidental events or force majeure.

    After the conclusion of the drawn and the handling of the Gift to the Winners, any obligation of the Organizer will cease. The Organizer will not have any liability or obligations against the participants, other than the ones mentioned in these terms.

    11.   Publicity. The terms for participation to the Competition are posted on the Website

    12.   Personal Data. Regarding the protection of Personal Data, the Organizer applies the General Data Protection Regulation, 2016/679 (GDPR), and the national law on the Protection of Natural Persons Against the Processing of Personal Data and the Free Movement of such Data, (Law (125(Ι)/2018) . Participants’ data are collected by the Organizer for the only purpose of conducting the Competition and are not transferred to third persons, unless it is necessary in order for the Organizer to fulfill its obligations against the participants and/or due to the applicable legislation. Participation in the Competition constitutes a consent of the participants in the preservation and use of their data as stated above. Each participant has the right to access the data that concerns him / her and may request their modification or deletion from the corresponding file at any time by sending an email to the Organizer of the Competition at the email address After the end of the Competition and the draw, the participants’ details will be deleted and/or destroyed. Moreover, the Organizer may upon delivery of the Gift, ask the Winner for further details.

    13.   Revocation of the Competition- Modification of Terms. The Organizer has the right, at any time, to revoke the Competition or to modify these terms (including the duration of the Competition and the dates of the draws and the announcement of the Gifts), by informing via its website. The date such information is published shall be the date of validity of the revocation and/or modification.

    14.   Acceptance of the terms. Participation in the Competition implies the unconditional acceptance of these terms and an expressed statement of the participants that they participate solely on their own responsibility and that they do not face any health problem and/or other limitations,  because of which they should not be part of the Competition.

    15.   Information and/or Complaints. For any information and/or complaints regarding the Competition, any participant or third person may contact the number 133 or via email at the address

    16.   Applicable Law. The current terms are established under the Laws of the Republic of Cyprus and any issue that may arise in relation to the Competition, the Courts of the Republic of Cyprus will have exclusive jurisdiction.

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