Special Terms and Conditions for the «Data Revolution» offer

    1. The offer is available to new PrimeTel mobile subscribers, who will sign an 18month contract to one of the pay monthly plans Mobile 10 or Mobile 20 or Mobile 30 or Mobile 40.

    2. The offer does not apply to the pay monthly plans Mobile Basic and Mobile 50.

    3. Any free Mobile Internet which will not be used within a month is not transferred to the next month.

    4. The offer cannot be combined with any other PrimeTel offer.

    5. These Special Terms and Conditions are valid for agreements signed under this offer until 29/03/14.

    6. New subscribers that choose the offer, get Free Mobile Internet and the monthly subscription of “PrimeTel WiFi access” for free, for their initial contract duration (18 months) as per below:


    SubscriptionFree Mobile Internet«PrimeTel WiFi access»
    Mobile 1040MB/monthFree
    Mobile 2080MB/monthFree
    Mobile 30120MB/monthFree
    Mobile 40150MB/monthFree
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