Special Terms and Conditions for the granting by PrimeTel PLC of one laptop computer Lenovo G570G at a privileged subsidized price


    1. These Special Terms and Conditions (“STC”) are additional to the GTC and apply to Subscribers who choose to benefit from the particular offer of the Company for the granting of one laptop computer in a privileged subsidized price, under the terms and conditions of the Agreement.
    2. In case of conflict or contradiction between the STC and the GTC then the provisions of the STC shall prevail.
    3. In these Special Terms and Conditions:

    3.1. Any capitalised words or phrases not defined in these Special Terms and conditions shall have the meaning attributed to them in the General Terms and Conditions.
    3.2. The following words and phrases shall have the meaning attributed to them below:

    3.2.1. «Computer» means Lenovo Laptop G570G: Intel Celeron B800, Windows 7, Screen 15,6” High Definition, 2GB Ram, 320 GB Hard Disk Drive, DVD, WiFi, Web Camera or any other computer with the same or other specifications, which the Company may choose at its sole and absolute discretion, which the Company shall give to the Subscriber under the terms and conditions of the Agreement.
    3.2.2. «Initial Duration» or «ID» means the duration of the Agreement in which these STC also apply and which is twelve (12) months from the date of signing the Agreement.
    3.2.3. «Offer» means this offer pursuant to which the Subscriber may obtain the Computer at the Special Price pursuant to the terms and conditions of the Agreement.
    3.2.4. «Offer Package» means any of the Company’s home use packages, namely and/or including «Telephone + Internet 4Mbps», «Telephone + Internet 2Mbps + Television», «Telephone + Television», or «Fastnet: Internet + Telephone».
    3.2.5. «New Subscriber» means a person or premise who is not a subscriber of the Company and wishes to contract with the Company in any of the Offer Packages.
    3.2.6. «Subscriber» means a New Subscriber.
    3.2.7. «Special Price» means the privileged subsidized by the Company price at which the Company offers the Computer to those Subscribers who choose to benefit from the Offer and it is 12 monthly installments of €18,00 including V.A.T. each.
    3.2.8. «Supplier» means the company from which the Company shall be supplied the Computer for the Subscriber. Unless otherwise notified the Supplier is A.T. Multitech Corporation Limited the contact details of which are set out at the end of these STC.

    4. The Offer is valid for New Subscribers who are entitled to the Offer and to get the Computer provided that the following conditions are met cumulatively:

    4.1. The Subscriber shall sign an Agreement with the Company for the Initial Duration in one of the Offer Packages.
    4.2. The Subscriber shall pay the Special Price to the Company by installments during the duration of the Initial Duration.
    4.3. The payment of the charges for the Services and the Special Price shall be made by direct debit / standing order from the Subscriber’s bank account or by automatic charge of the Subscriber’s credit card.
    4.4. There will be successful connection of the Premises for the provision for the Services.

    5. The Company may, if it deems it necessary at its sole and absolute discretion, not to grant the Offer to any Subscriber and/or to request from the Subscriber as a guarantee a monetary or other deposit for the granting of the Offer. The Company may, if it deems it necessary at its sole and absolute discretion, to request a different amount or kind of guarantee for a certain category of Subscribers or to request the increase of the amount of guarantee by the Subscriber.
    6. The Offer does not apply and it is not available for old or temporarily disconnected Subscribers who have outstanding balances or for Subscribers who have requested cancellation of their Services irrespective of whether the cancellation was completed or not.
    7. The Offer cannot be redeemed with cash or with credit or with a discount in Services, nor can it be combined with any other offer.
    8. The Computer can only be collected by the Subscriber from the addresses stated on the coupon to be issued to the Subscriber upon signing of the Agreement or from any other collection point that the Company will notify to the Subscriber at the time of signing the Agreement. For the collection of the Computer the Subscriber must present a valid identification document, e.g. Identity Card, Passport or Driver’s License and the relevant coupon issued to him by the Company. The Computer can be collected ten (10) Working Days after the date of successful installation of the Equipment and connection and activation of the Services.
    9. Unless otherwise provided in the Agreement, the Agreement cannot be terminated prior to the expiry of the Initial Duration. In case of termination of the Agreement by the Subscriber without fault of the Company or by the Company due to the fault of the Subscriber at any given time during the Initial Duration the Subscriber shall, in addition to the payment in full of all and any amounts due to the Company and the return of the Equipment, pay to the Company the difference (if any) between the amounts already paid for the Computer and the Special Price.
    10. In case of premature termination of the Agreement, as above, the Subscriber, expressly, unequivocally and unconditionally authorizes the Company, to immediately charge directly either the Subscriber’s bank account or credit card for the payment to the Company of any amounts that must be paid pursuant to the Agreement.
    11. The Company is not the manufacturer or the importer or the seller or the reseller or the supplier of the Computer and consequently cannot and does not assume any responsibility or provide and does not provide any guarantee or make and does not make any representation in relation and/or with regard to the Computer.
    12. Any obligation for the provision of any guarantee and/or repair and/or replacement for the Computer is the sole and exclusive responsibility of the Supplier. The Company does not make any representation with regard to the Computer and bears no responsibility for any defect or malfunction or other problem of the Computer.
    13. The Company is not responsible for the installation of any software on the Computer. This is the sole responsibility of the Subscriber.
    14. The Company does not guarantee that the Computer shall be compatible with audiovisual, electronic, electrical or other apparatus that may be connected to it and vice versa.
    15. The installation cost of either the Computer or software to it, the cost of maintenance or repair of the Computer and any other cost that may arise in relation to the Computer is the sole responsibility of the Subscriber.
    16. The Company is not responsible for any direct, indirect, consequential unwanted results that may arise from the installation and/or use of the Computer.
    17. The Company reserves the right to cancel the Offer or to amend its terms and regulations without notice.
    18. The Company is allowed to change the Supplier at any time at its sole and absolute discretion. In case of change of Supplier the full details of the Supplier shall be notified to the Subscriber upon delivery of the Computer.

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