Public Offer 2019 - Up to 50% discount and Free Device

    Terms and Conditions

    1.       The Public Offer 2019 of Primetel PLC (hereinafter “PrimeTel”) applies from the 15/03/2019 until the 31/03/2019, on a 24 month contract (hereinafter the “Offer”).


    2.       The offer of Primetel PLC (“PrimeTel”) is exclusively addressed to:


    a.    New subscribers who will register to any of PrimeTel’s Unlimited Plans on a 24 month contract given that the subscriber signs his/her contract in Public shops.


    b.    New subscribers who will transfer their existing mobile number (postpaid or prepaid) to PrimeTel’s Unlimited Plans on a 24 month contract given that the subscriber signs his/her contract in Public shops.


    3.       Subscribers who will choose this Offer, will benefit, inter alia, as follows:


    A)            i) Up to 50% discount to fixed monthly charges depending on the Unlimited Plan of their choice with extra data feature based on the selected Unlimited Plan and the following device for free:


    ·         Xiaomi Redmi 6A 16GB having a value of €99.00 for Unlimited Mobile plans 1,2,3, Special Edition, 4, 5 and 6.


    or any other device that PrimeTel will choose if the subscriber signs his/her contract in Public shops and until stocks are exhausted.


    ii) Subscribers, upon completing the contract procedure and upon activation of their services, will receive the device for free, subject to availability from Public Shop. The Company will inform the Subscriber to pass by in order to collect the free device via the contact telephone number declared by the Subscriber upon the completion of the contract. It’s clarified that the device will be available for collection by the Subscriber for a period of two (2) months after the relevant notification. In case the Subscirber doesn’t receive the free device over the 2-month period due to his/her own fault, he/she loses the right to acquire it.


    4.       In case a subscriber who has benefited from this Offer as a new subscriber in the above Mobile Unlimited plans, wishes to benefit again from the Offer for another member of his/her family, he/she can do so provided that he/she registers to a second Mobile Unlimited plan. The subscriber can benefit from this Offer maximum twice.


    5.       It is clarified that this Offer is only available for residents of the Republic of Cyprus. PrimeTel is entitled to assess the subscriber’s creditworthiness and solvency before the signature of any contract and in case that is considered unsatisfactory, the subscriber will not be able to benefit from this Offer.


    6.       The Offer does not include any one-off charges and/or monthly charges arising from usage, and/or additional upgrades that the subscriber may choose beyond the monthly charges of the basic package of the Offer.


    7.       The Offer is valid from 07/12/2018 until 06/01/2019 and is valid until stocks are exhausted. The Offer can be combined with PrimeTel’s current offers in fixed telephony.


    8.       On the expiration of the twenty four (24) months period, Unlimited Plans’ normal charges apply.


    9.       The General Terms and Conditions for the provision of PrimeTel’s Services (“GTC”) as well as the
    Special Terms and Conditions governing PrimeTel’s Unlimited Plans (“STC Unlimited Plans”) apply. In case of contradiction and/or discrepancy between GTC and/or STC Unlimited Plans and these terms, the latter will prevail.


    10.   In case of early termination of the Agreement for the Provision of PrimeTel Services, before the expiration of the twenty four (24) month period, Terms for Early Termination of the Customer Service Agreement shall apply and the subscriber is obliged to pay, inter alia, the remaining value of any amount by which the latter has been subsidized by PrimeTel to buy any equipment and/or goods. These amounts are calculated pro rata to the remaining term up to the end of the Agreement and the total duration of the Agreement.


    11.   All prices include VAT. For more information, please call 133.

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