Unlimited Family Offer (valid until 20/2/19)

    1. The offer “Unlimited Family” only applies to family accounts. The offer concerns all new subscribers opting to subscribe to at least two (2) Unlimited packages, one of which is an Unlimited 4, with a twenty four (24) month commitment and all existing subscribers opting to add at least one (1) Unlimited 4 Package to their family account with a twenty four (24) month commitment (hereinafter the “Offer”).

    2. Subscribers who will receive the Offer will benefit as follows:
    • New subscribers who are going to subscribe to more than one (1) Unlimited packages, one of which will be Unlimited 4, will receive the Unlimited 4 packages for the price of nineteen euros and ninety cents (€19, 90). For clarity, in the event the new subscriber registers for only Unlimited 4 packages, the Offer will apply to all packages.
    • Existing subscribers of an Unlimited Package opting to add at least one (1) package of Unlimited 4 will receive the added Unlimited 4 packages for the price of nineteen euros and ninety cents (€19, 90). For clarity, if the subscribers’ existing package is an Unlimited 4, the existing package will remain to its’ current price and the subscriber will benefit from the Offer only for the added Unlimited 4 packages.

    3. There is no limitation as to the number of Unlimited 4 packages that may be included in the Offer.

    4. The Unlimited 4 packages that benefit from the Offer cannot be combined with other offers and/or promotions of PrimeTel.

    5. The Offer will be valid from the 7th of November 2018 to 20th of February 2019.

    6. The Offer only to and or concerns the Family package. In the event the subscriber interrupts the Family package, the Offer ceases to apply and Unlimited 4 packages return to their normal value.

    7. Upon expiration of the twenty-four (24) months period, the monthly fixed charges will apply, based on PrimeTel’s published pricelist.

    8. In the event of an early termination of the Service Agreement, thus before the expiration of the twenty four (24) months period, Primetels’ Early Termination Policy applies.

    9. The Offer does not include any one-off charges and/or monthly charges arising from usage, beyond the monthly charges of the basic package of the Offer.

    10. The General Terms and Conditions for the provision of PrimeTel’s Services (“GTC”) as well as the Special Terms and Conditions governing PrimeTel’s Unlimited Plans (“STC Unlimited Plans”) apply. In case of contradiction and/or discrepancy between GTC and/or STC Unlimited Plans and these terms, the latter will prevail.

    11. For more information, contact PrimeTel Customer Service at 133.

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