Premium Plus TV Package

    The ultimate experience €34,90/month!

    It includes all Premium channels and additionally all Novacinema and Novasports channels for more movies, series and a rich sporting show. Greek Football Championship with the exclusive matches of major Greek teams, Swedish championship, Euroleague basketball, Basketball Champions League, golf, extreme sports, martial arts, horseback riding, cycling and many other sports from all over the world.

    Get the new Premium Plus TV package and enjoy everything that PrimeTel TV has to give you. Upgrade your TV experience today!

    Img - Premium Plus TV Package

    Premium Plus TV package includes all Basic and Premium package channels, in addition to the below:


    novacinema1 / Channel 601

    The channel offering 350 premieres’ per year. You will find here the latest Hollywood movie releases on first show, selected series, also in avant premiere, as well as all the great movie awards.



    novacinema2 / Channel 602

    The best movies! The channel showing the most distinguished movies, addressing to all those who love the good cinema. Its schedule presents favorite selections from great movies that stood out due to the actors, directors, awards or box office. Furthermore, do not miss the thematic evenings, with special cinema tributes.



    novacinema3 / Channel 603

    Pure adrenaline! The channel of action and adventure! Science fiction movies, adventures that take the breath away, hair-raising thrillers for the genre lovers and of course much adrenaline. Furthermore, the TV schedule includes repeats and marathons of your favorite series.



    novacinema4 / Channel 604

    Passion for life! The channel of our life! A life that has room for everything: laughter, love romance, game, romantic and dramatic moments, as well as comical aspects.



    novasports1 / Channel 611

    The live broadcast channel! Euroleague, Basketball Champions League and all top sporting events beats live.



    novasports2 / Channel 612

    The excitement continues! Live matches from football fields around the world and special shows.



    novasports3 / Channel 613

    Basketball’s most thrilling games from Euroleague and Basketball Champions League.



    novasports4 / Channel 614

    The “special missions” channel! Various sports’ top events…athletics, rugby, golf, handball, horse racing, riding, sailing, x-treme sports, boxing, winter sports, wrestling and other sports from all over the world.



    novasports5 / Channel 615

    This channel is custom built to meet the needs for coverage of the big sport events. Broadcasts mainly football and basketball.

    • Terms & Conditions
        • It is clarified that all Novacinema and Novasports channels, which are included in the Premium plus TV package, are currently broadcasted in standard definition (SD), despite the “HD” reference on these channels’ logo.
      • Price does not include fixed telephone line and Internet, which are a prerequisite for the provision of PrimeTel’s television service.
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