• What is webspace?

      Webspace is the amount of space on a web server which is accessible through the Internet. With PrimeTel’s packages, we offer all our internet subscribers 25Mb of webspace free of charge.

      You can use this webspace for the following:

      • Store files
      • Create a web page
    • How do I upload files to my 25Mb free webspace?

      You should login to the FTP server “my.primehome.com” using the username and password of your package subscription. If you don’t know your credentials, simply call us at 133.

      The main page should have the name “index.html”. The files you upload there will appear at http://my.primehome.com[username].

    • What is my WiFi (wireless internet) password?

      Your 8-digit password can be found in the welcome letter you were given on the day your services were installed. If you can’t find your welcome letter, don’t worry. Simply call us on 133 and we will be happy to provide you with your password.

    • How can I upgrade my modem to WiFi (wireless internet)?

      To upgrade to WiFi internet, simply call us at 133. There is a one-off WiFi activation fee of €10.08.