• Why should I choose PrimeTel services?

      There are many benefits to choosing PrimeTel Mobile, such as:

      • You have the option to transfer your existing number, or choose a new mobile number.
      • Competitive call rates and prices when compared to other mobile providers in Cyprus.
      • Flexible pay monthly plans without any limitations. Use up your communication value the way you want to: for talk, SMS and data.
      • Reliable service. Both mobile networks in Cyprus (MTN and Cytamobile Vodafone) are available to PrimeTel mobile subscribers.
      • You can set your own monthly limit and have complete control over your spending. If you reach your monthly limit, you can simply top-up your Pay Monthly mobile with the same call rates.
    • Can I join PrimeTel Mobile and keep my existing number?

      Yes you can! PrimeTel Mobile numbers start with the prefix 95, however if you are transferring your existing mobile number, it will remain exactly the same.

      • How do I switch to PrimeTel Mobile? Can I transfer any number I want?

        We are happy to advise that you can transfer your existing mobile number to PrimeTel, regardless of the network and plan you currently have (Pay As You Go or Pay Monthly).

        To subscribe to PrimeTel Mobile and transfer your existing mobile number, all you have to do is visit one of our Customer Support Centers with the following:

        • Political ID (passport for non-permanent residents)
        • SIM card
        • your latest bill (only for Pay Monthly users)


        Once we have completed the application for your new subscription, we will provide you with a new PrimeTel Mobile SIM card. We require up to 6 working days to transfer your number to our network, at which time you will receive an SMS in order to replace your old SIM card with the one we have given you.

        There is a one-off payment fee of €5.04 for your new SIM card, and we also request one month pre-payment for your selected mobile plan.

      • How competitive are your call charges?

        PrimeTel Mobile charges are very competitive when compared with other mobile providers in Cyprus. For a full list of our call rates and charges please click here.

        Each of our plans include bonus value, and the added benefit with PrimeTel Mobile plans, is that you can use the value as you wish: for local calls, SMS or mobile internet. For example, with Mobile Plan 10, you pay €10 each month and you spend this amount as you wish. We will also give you €2 bonus each month, which means you will have a total of €12 communication value each month.


      • Can I choose my own number for either Pay Monthly or Pay As You Go? And if so, how?

        Yes. You have the option of either selecting a new number, or transferring your existing number, for both Pay Monthly and Pay As You Go.

        You can choose the number of your choice (e.g. birthday, lucky numbers etc.) by clicking here. You will be asked to enter your favorite combination of between 3 and 5 numbers, and we will return the available mobile numbers containing this combination. There are 2 categories of phone numbers available – PrimeTel numbers and Gold numbers.

        Once you have selected your desired number, you will be guided to enter your name and contact details, and the debit / credit card payment for the number you have chosen.

      • What is the cost to choose my PrimeTel number?

        There are two categories from which you can choose your number:

        PrimeTel numbers – €20

        Gold numbers – €100

        Prices are subject to change.

        You also have the option to choose a number for free from a random selection that is sent to you. To do so, once you have purchased your PrimeTel Mobile SIM card, you will be given 3 options for number selection. By selecting option 3, you will be asked to enter a combination of your favorite 3 numbers, and we will send 5 available mobile numbers containing this combination directly to your mobile. You will then be able to select the number you prefer, for FREE!