• Why should I choose to subscribe with PrimeTel?

      PrimeTel offers you complete packages for all your communication needs, including internet, mobile, landline telephony and TV, meaning all your services with one provider and with one invoice. PrimeTel offers:

      • Competitive prices and call rates.
      • Flexible mobile plans that you can use as you wish.
      • A new generation fibre-optic network using ADSL2+ technology to offer you a reliable Internet service.
      • A wide variety of popular local and international channels, plus live and exclusive broadcasts of all the home games from Omonoia and Apollon.
      • Savings of up to 30% on calls with your landline.
      • Free calls between PrimeTel subscribers (landline).
      • No monthly line rental fee.
      • Plus all the latest mobile handsets!
    • What kind of packages do PrimeTel offer, and what do they include?
      Internet Telephony TV Mobile
      Package 2 √ up to 2Mbps x x
      Package 3 √ up to 8Mbps x
      Package 4 √ up to 8Mbps
      Package 5 √ up to 8Mbps + WiFi hotspots islandwide
      PrimeNet √ up to 8Mbps x x
      PrimeHome √ up to 4Mbps x
    • Why should I choose PrimeTel Mobile services?

      There are many benefits to choosing PrimeTel Mobile, such as:

      • You have the option to transfer your existing number, or choose the mobile number you want.
      • Competitive call rates and prices when compared to other mobile providers in Cyprus.
      • Flexible pay monthly plans without any limitations. Use up your communication value the way you want to: whether for talk, SMS and data
      • Reliable service with more than 40,000 mobile subscribers and growing.
      • You can set your own monthly limit and have complete control over your spending. If you reach your monthly limit, you can simply top-up your Pay Monthly mobile with the same call rates.
    • Is there any additional charge which I need to pay in order to become a PrimeTel subscriber?

      To become a subscriber, we request a one-off registration fee of €45.38. Please also note that the first month’s subscription is pre-paid.

    • Do I need to pay any monthly telephone line rental charges?

      No. An added benefit when subscribing to PrimeTel, is that landline telephony is included in your monthly subscription. We don’t charge any additional line rental cost.

    • How do I become a PrimeTel subscriber?

      There are several ways to subscribe with PrimeTel:

    • What will I need to bring with me and how much will I need to pay to proceed with a PrimeTel subscription?

      To complete your PrimeTel application, we ask for the following:

      • Political ID (passport for non-permanent residents).
      • Proof of address (utility bill).
      • If you are transferring an existing active landline number, bring with you your most recent telephone bill.
      • If you don’t currently have an active landline, we can request a new landline for you. Please bring with you the name of your premises’ Distribution Point (DP). The DP is a box which is located on the outside of the premises housing the building’s provision for telephone cabling. The name is usually made up of 3 digits followed by the building address, and is also usually located very near to the ground. We require this information in order to proceed with installation of a new landline.
      • IBAN or copy of bank statement in order to activate Direct Debit.
      • Finally, a security deposit is requested where necessary, plus the first month’s subscription and a one-off registration fee of €45.38.


      If you are adding PrimeTel Mobile to your package and transferring your existing Mobile number, please also bring with you:

      • your SIM card
      • your last bill (if you are a Pay Monthly user)
      • one-off payment of €5.04 for your new SIM card, plus one month pre-payment for your selected mobile plan.