• How can I access my Voicemail?

      When in Cyprus, call 122 from your PrimeTel Mobile number. If you are calling from another phone or from abroad, follow these simple steps:

      • Call your mobile number.
      • When you hear the voicemail greeting, interrupt the message by pressing the * button followed by your voicemail PIN, then #.
    • What is the cost to call 122 to hear my messages?

      When calling 122, the first 10 seconds are free, after which normal local call rates apply (charge per second).

    • Why do I need a voicemail PIN code?

      When calling Voicemail from your own mobile handset, your PIN code will not be requested. All Mobile users are provided with a PIN code for their voicemail in the event you wish to access your voicemail from another phone device. In this case, you will need to enter your PIN code.

    • How can I change my voicemail PIN, or reset it in case I forget it?

      Simply dial 122 to access your voicemail, and then select 0 for Mailbox options, and then 5 in order to change your pin by following the simple instructions given.

      If you have forgotten your PIN code, simply call us at 133 and we will reset your PIN for you.

    • Can I disable the SMS notifications for voicemail messages?

      The SMS notifications cannot be disabled, as this is the only way to inform you that you have a message.

    • For how days are voicemail messages stored?
      • Messages that have been saved, will be saved for 10 days.
      • Unheard messages are also stored for 10 days. On the 9th day you will receive an SMS warning that the message will be deleted.
      • An unsaved messages that have been heard will automatically deleted without warning after 2 days.
    • Can I personalize my voicemail greeting message?

      Yes you can. Simply dial 122 to access your voicemail, and then press 0 for Mailbox options, where you will be given different options in order to personalize your greeting by following the simple instructions.

    Other Questions

    • I have forgotten my PIN / PUK number. What do I do?

      In the event you have forgotten your PIN number, you can use your PUK number by following the below instructions. Your PUK number can be located on the card that was originally attached to your SIM card.


      • Enter a random combination of 4 numbers 3 times in order to block your SIM card.
      • Once your SIM has been blocked, enter your PUK number, and then follow the instructions to register a new PIN number.


      In the event you have forgotten your PUK number also, and you are a Pay As You Go user, you will firstly need to register your details by visiting any of our PrimeTel Customer Support Centers with your ID card and SIM card. If you are already a registered user, simply call 133 and we will happily provide you with your PUK number.

    • I can’t send an SMS. Why?

      Check that your device is set-up with the correct SMS centre number, usually located in the device’s message settings.

      SMS Centre Number:   +35795977777

      • To check your current balance, type *133#, then press the call button.
      • To check how much value is remaining from your monthly call plan, type *139#, then press the call button.
      • To check how much data is remaining from your Mobile Internet package, type *139#, then press the call button.
      • To check how many minutes are remaining from the 100 free minutes with your Family Plan, type *137#, then press the call button.
    • How can I change the language?

      To change to Greek type the code *135*1#

      To change to English type the code *135*2#

      This will change the language as selected when contacting 133, USSD replies and automated SMS received when roaming.

    • What is Missed Call Notification and how can I activate it?

      Missed Call Notification is an SMS that you will receive informing you that you received a call while your phone was switched off or out of coverage.

      To activate this service, call 122 and then select option 0, then option 8, followed by option 1.

    • How can I activate or deactivate Call Waiting?
      • To activate Call Waiting enter *43# on your mobile handset
      • To deactivate Call Waiting enter #43# on your mobile handset
      • To check the current status of your Call Waiting enter *#43#
    • How can I divert incoming calls to my mobile to another number?

      With our call divert service you can divert your incoming calls to another phone number (landline or Mobile, excluding International numbers), or to your Voicemail. You can activate and deactivate this service yourself from your phone settings. There is no activation fee, however call rates apply for diverted calls.

      From the table below, type in the code according to what you would like to do. To divert calls to your voicemail, the destination number is 22021991.

      Divert Options Activation code Deactivation code To see current status
      Busy *67*destination number*11# ##67# *#67#
      Unreachable *62*destination number*11# ##62# *#62#
      No answer *61*destination number*11*# ##61# *#61#
      All calls *21*destination number*11# ##21# *#21#
      Cancel all divert ##002# ##002# ##002#