iptvcommerceIPTV COMMERCE is a nationally funded by the Cyprus Research Promotion Foundation project with duration 15 months. The project started in March 2009 and will ended in June 2010. The consortium constitutes by PrimeTel, which is the coordinator of the project, ICCS, associated with the School of Electrical and Computer Engineering (SECE) of the National Technical University of Athens (NTUA) and First Elements with extensive experience in the management of work.

    The project dealt with the study of required infrastructure on the support of total of services via the IPTV platform. The platform which has been developed allows the transport of electronic commerce in the lounge of a user-customer,  facilitating the electronic transaction through an environment of high interactivity, safety and privacy.

    The combination of broadband television and electronic trade is an idea that has been described in the inquiring periodical press, as the development of electronic advertisement. The spectator is able to buy the product through a process that will not differ from the e-merchandise process that includes a total from commercial and legislative restrictions because our main interest is the guarantee of privacy, the absolute safety of transaction and secrecy of transaction. In an IP network the safeguarding of the above characteristics is absolutely critical and involves harmonization with the legal frame of privacy and personal data.

    The possibilities of electronic trade via the interactive television will create an unprecedented (for Cyprus) operational model, which will allow the infiltration in new markets. More specifically the research and development in this project has been conducted in the following axes:

    • User requirements analysis (which have been determined through a questionnaire which was answered by PrimeTel subscribers, IPTV providers and shop owners)
    • Study, analysis of specifications and growth of commercial piece of platform
    • Development of the IPTV Commerce platform
    • System Evaluation

    The originality of work lies on the deeply and detailed study of a modern IPTV network and on the guarantee from the technological as well as on the legislative side of triptych that we reported.

    The following video presents the back-end and front-end of the IPTV Commerce system which has been developed during the project’s life cycle.