VIRTUAL NUTRITION MUSEUM is a national project funded from Research Promotion Foundation, with duration 24 months. The VIRTUAL NUTRITION MUSEUM Consortium includes 4 organisations, combining both academia and industry. These partners are: University of Cyprus (Coordinator of the project), PrimeTel,(Cyprus),Harokopio University (Greece), Gasteraia (Cyprus) and also Mrs Hrystalleni Lazarou as individual researcher.

    The television via broadband networks (IPTV) constitutes not only upgrade of television means, but also the essential opening up of abundance of new highly added interactive services. With a rapid infiltration in the Cypriot market the Internet and IPTV are entering with quick rhythms into the new everyday routine. This work proposes the creation of ideal museum targeting at the transportation of knowledge but also at the electronic enriched experience that could be acquired from a tour in a natural museum in the lounge of television viewer but also in the classic user of Internet.

    The main objectives of the VIRTUAL NUTRITION MUSEUM are:

    • To protect an important part of culture of Cyprus, and more specifically what concerns in the foods and the alimentary models of her population, through approach to historical, archaeological, folklore, alimentary, but also environmental dimension of subject.
    • The concentration, rescue, organization and presentation of relevant material with the form of Virtual Museum, which will constitute a comprehensive base of data so the existing wealth is accessible from the medium Cypriot citizen, the fellow countrymen in the abroad, the other European citizens and other interested, as researchers, tourists, services, enterprises and manufactures of foods per all moment.