developed a technical solution that will allow users to share their personal details in an easy, controlled and secure manner on the IPTV platform.


    aspisASPIS (A Secure Platform for IPTV Systems) is a EUREKA EUROSTARS project with duration 24 months. It started in July 2009 and endedin  July 2011. The consortium constitutes by PrimeTel, which is the coordinator of the project, Euro consultants (GREECE) the largest consultancy firm in Northern Greece, and. Global Security Intelligence a UK-based firm. This project is the first European project that PrimeTel is acted as a coordinator.

    The objective of the project was to develop a technical solution that will allow users to share their personal details in an easy, controlled and secure manner on the IPTV platform leading to broader adoption of IPTV turning it into a vastly more interactive medium.

    ASPIS suggested a way to solve a number of problems of handling personal information in IPTV based applications, establishing a chain of trust between the customer and the application provider with the triple play service provider as the transaction mediator. It also addresses the problem of repeatedly filling in personal details. Moreover, it increases the security of one’s personal details as they are stored in one place, namely the triple play provider’s database, and shared in a controlled manner upon a confirmed request only. The market of third party IPTV solutions is just beginning to emerge. There are many obstacles to its development, one of which is the fact that a modern web application should be user aware and in many cases able to collect certain personal details. IPTV platform has technical restrictions that makes filling in even small amounts of information like logins and password a difficult task. Therefore, creating user-aware applications that collect large amount of personal data is not feasible.

    IPTV subscribers would be able to enjoy a large number of services previously available only to web users. It would also enable them to easily share their personal details and perform transaction in a secure and totally controllable manner. These capabilities should make peoples’ lives easier and open up the world of e-Services to those who are not computer literate or who simply do not have access to a computer, including the elderly and other vulnerable populations.

    Watch the ASPIS demo