Internet and MMS settings

    Making things a little easier...

    How to make Internet and MMS available for your Android, iOS and Windows Phone!

    To set up your device for Internet access, follow the instructions below:

    • APN (access point name): ip.primetel
    • “Username” and “password” remain blank

    Что это за новая услуга?

    Все абоненты PrimeTel, приобретая новый телефон, могут пользоваться сетью Интернет, отправлять или получать SMS и MMS, не настраивая свой телефон. Все настройки будут автоматически отправлены на ваш телефон.

     Как это работает?

    Если вы уже абонент PrimeTel mobile, когда вы вставляете новую SIM карту PrimeTel в ваш телефон или перезагружаете устройство, ваша SIM карта автоматически определяет модель телефона и настройки для интернета и MMS автоматически высылаются на телефон.

    Option 1. Send settings automatically

    Click here and follow the instructions to get the settings on your device.

    1. Enter your mobile phone number and the security character string, then click on Log in.

    2. Please enter the password which will be sent to your mobile number and select Log in.

    3.Then select send. If a code is requested, enter 1234.

    * This app does not support IOS devices (APPLE)

    ** If your phone doesn’t appear, select IMEI recognition (IMEI is a unique number that identifies your phone.) To retrieve the IMEI number, type * # 06 # on your phone. Then fill in the first 8 digits in the relevant field and select ‘OK

    Option 2. Set up a device manually

    If for any reason you couldn’t connect your device on internet using the above instructions, you can use the following flow based on your device software.

    * These steps might defer depending on the Android version of your device. If for any reason you cant find these settings try to find cellular settings and follow step 3 onwards.

    Method 1: If you have access to a WiFi network then follow these steps…

    Method 2: If you don’t have access to a WiFi network then please follow these steps…
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