Национальные звонки 

    Тип звонкаСтоимость
    Звонки на стационарные номера абонентов PrimeTelБесплатно
    Звонки на мобильные номера PrimeTel€0.049/мин. Тарификация поминутная.
    Звонки на стационарные номера Cyta€0.025/мин.
    Звонки на мобильные номера Cyta€0.050/мин. Тарификация поминутная.
    Звонки на номера других операторов€0.03/мин
    Звонки на мобильные номера других операторов€0.049/мин. Тарификация поминутная.

    Calls to PrimeTel services

    133Customer ServiceFree
    134PrimeTel Business SupportFree
    11800Directory Services€0.39/per call + €0.0620/per 15 sec.
    80901604Internet Dial-Up€0.04229/per 2 min.
    Internet for all€0.075438/per min.
    122Voicemail Primetel€0.042426/per min.
    777xxxxUniversal Access Numbers€0.100847/per min.
    77xxxxxxInternational freephone numbersFree

    Calls to epic services

    121Voicemail€0.061026/per min.
    136Customer service€0.000678/per sec.
    11811Directory services€0.325318/per call
    800xxxxxInternational freephone numbersFree

    Calls to CYTA services

    132Customer service€0.000678/per sec.
    11892Directory services€0.35/per call + €0.03/per 15 sec.
    11894International Directory Enquiries€0.03951/minute
    123Voicemail€0.061026/per min.
    70xxxxxxInternational freephone numbersFree

    Calls to Omega Telecom services

    Audiotex€0.026894/per min.

    Calls to CallSat services

    11833Directory services€0.355975/call + €0.05593/per 15 sec.
    80901610Internet Dial-Up€0.091538/per 2 min.

    Calls to Cablenet services

    11888Directory services€0.319774/call +€0.036/per 15 sec.
    130Customer service€0.000678/per sec.


    151Committee on Missing Persons in CyprusFREE
    17000Call Center GESYFREE
    9090140x/9090141xOvernight Pharmacies€0.040665/per 15 sec.
    9090142x/9090143xPrivate doctors on call
    11810Directory services€0.332792/call +€0.15127/per 15 sec.
    90901420Electricity Faults Report€0.040665/per 30 sec.
    1818Cyprus Electricity Authority€0.025/per minute
    90901895Exact Time (English)€0.040684/per call
    90901893Exact Time (Greek)€0.040684/per call
    1401Drug Information & Poison Control CentreFree
    1404Service for the soldier’s phsychological supportFree
    1407Forest Fires ReportFree
    1408Service for the Deaf – Deaf to non deaf (via fax) via operatorFree
    1409Service for the Deaf – Non deaf to deaf (via telephone) via operatorFree
    1410Drugs HelplineFree
    1411Association of Family & Friends of Makarios Hospital children in needFree
    1412Ministry of Health – Coronavirus ResultsFree
    1414Hunter’s LineFree
    1415Transportation DepartmentFree
    1420Ministry of Health – Help for Coronavirus suspected victimsFree
    1422Cyprus National Addictions AuthorityFree
    1424Cyprus Diabetic AssociationFree
    1429Consumer’s LineFree
    1430Military Forces Information LineFree
    1433Ministry of Labour helpline for Coronavirus FundingFree
    1440Association for the Prevention and Handing of Violence in the FamilyFree
    1441Rescue Co-ordination CentreFree
    1442Μedic AlertFree
    1443Sovereign Bases ForcesFree
    1444Line OPAP for people addicted to gamblingFree
    1445Cyprus Red CrossFREE
    1455Family MattersFree
    1456Mental Health HelplineFree
    1460Police Reporting Confidential InformationFree
    1466Cyprus Hope for ChildrenFREE
    1469Cancer patients and relatives association (ΕΛΑΖΩ)Free
    1470NG Military personnel welfareFREE
    1471Cyprus Psychological AssociationFREE
    1482Cyprus Ithaki Charity OrganisationFREE
    1490National CSIRT-CYFREE
    1498Drugs Law Enforcement UnitFree
    1499Police Duty OfficerFree
    777xxxxxUniversal Access Numbers€0.100847/per min.
    800xxxxxFree call numbersFree

    Международные звонки

    Note: Revised fees, active from the 14th of August.

    • Цены указаны в евро за минуту разговора(euro/min).
    • Минимальный тарифицируемый период – 60 сек, затем тарификация поминутная.
    • Цены могут быть изменены в зависимости от изменений цен на международном рынке
    • Тарифы указаны с учетом НДС.

    Тарифы указаны с учетом НДС

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