Sony announces new VR controllers for PS5

Sony announces new VR controllers for PS5


18 March 2021

Sony has confirmed that is working on a new VR headset for PlayStation 5, but until today there are no updates for details or the timetable for its release. However, the company revealed the first details on the new VR controllers that will accompany it.

According to the official blog, the new VR controllers are designed to stand comfortably in the user's hands. Sony promises freedom of movement without barriers to hands, balanced weight distribution and unique experience with some elements from the PlayStation 5 DualSense remote control.

Each controller has an analog lever for performing movements, a separate button to "grab" objects in virtual reality, but also a trigger button that hardens or softens depending on what happens on the game. The create, square and triangle buttons are placed on the left control, while the options, cross and circle are placed on the right control.

This construction was made after many years of studies about how gamers interact and the different hand sizes. Each finger is recognized and there is no need for PlayStation Camera to make the analysis of movements.

What we expect now is Sony to unveil the new generation PSVR.

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