Business Internet


Primetel’s Internet services offer high-speed broadband to small, medium and large businesses and organisations to both the public and private sector.

The fact that we have our own independent network, enables us to offer a portfolio of broadband services designed to provide choice, clarity and value.


The Business Internet corresponds at enterprises, small & medium companies that demand higher download and upload.
General Characteristics:

  • Speed: Up to 1Gbps using fibre optics
  • 4 Static IP’s
  • 2 Analogue (PSTN) numbers


Intended to serve large organisations with the need for high internet speeds or for organisations that are hosting internet servers. It is particularly recommended for organisations with their own Internet servers, high email use, Video Conferencing, VPN connections and generally heavy internet traffic requirements.
General Characteristics:

  • Speed: Upto 10Gps via Fiber Optic
  • 4 Static IP’s – more available on request
  • SLA (Service Level Agreement)


The radio wavelink service is a reliable solution for inaccessible areas, where it is difficult to provide wired networking medium services.
General Characteristics:

  • Speed: Upto 10Gbps (Symmetric or Asymmetric)
  • 4 Static IPs – more available on request
  • SLA (Service Level Agreement)

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