Personal Data

Call Recording Information

Primetel PLC (hereinafter «Primetel”, “us”, “our”, the “Company”) aims to maintain high standards for the protection of personal data and privacy, which is why, following Primetel's Privacy Policy, provides the following Information on Call Recording, given that our customer service call center maintains a telephone call recording system.

  1. Data collected during recording:
  2. Date, time and duration of the call
  3. Call content
  4. Calling number
  5. Called number and the agent in charge
  6. If you object to the process as described above, please terminate your call, after hearing the message that the call may be recorded. Alternative means of communication are available.
  7. Recording Purposes: The call will not be withdrawn or intercepted unless necessary for the following reasons.
  8. Protection of the Company’s’ legitimate interest
  9. Compliance with regulatory obligations of the Company
  10. Investigation and referral of any illegal actions
  11. Investigation of any customer complaint
  12. Protection and security of the Company’s’ subscribers and/or employees
  13. Proper conduct and effective promotion of the Company’s activities
  14. Personnel training
  15. Collection of Information:
  16. The information collected during the recording:
  17. Will be handled confidentially,
  18. Will not be transferred to third parties unless those parties have a legitimate right or there is legal need for the company to do so,
  19. Will be processed in a fair and legitimate manner, according to the applicable legislation on the Protection of Personal Data and our Privacy Police (add link) as well as the current Call Recording Policy.
  20. Retention
  21. The recording will normally be held for four (4) months. Some recording will be held for longer than four (4) months, provide that it is necessary due to the following reasons
  22. An complaint investigation concerning the call is pending,
  23. A police investigation for illegal acts concerning the call is pending,
  24. It is necessary for the protection of the Company’s legitimate interest,
  25. It is necessary for the our compliance with regulatory obligations.
  26. All recordings will be destroyed if they are no longer considered necessary.
  27. Your rights:
  28. Among the other rights you enjoy in accordance with the provisions of the EU General Data Protection Regulation (Regulation 2016/679) and applicable local law, you have the right to be informed whether your phone call has been recorded and to receive a written confirmation from the Company accordingly. In case your phone call was recorded, you have the right to request a copy of your phone call and / or deletion of it, if you consider that the Company keeps it for more than the necessary time. Such requests can be submitted to: