Processing of personal data

(Details for consent)

Dear Sir/Madam,

All your personal data will be processed based on Privacy Policy of Primetel PLC. More details and information you may find here

CONSENT FOR THE PROCESSING OF PERSONAL DATA in order to make combined use of my data through a system, so as to search the below registries for automatic compilation of my financial profile:

  1. Primetel’s Defaulters Registry
  2. Data and documents I provided to Primetel

In addition, I agree that during my collaboration with Primetel, Primetel will be able to use my data from time to time to review my transaction behaviour in the above registries.

I declare that I have been informed for my right to access and correct the details of my data entered in Primetel’s database.

I have also been informed of my right to withdraw this consent at any time, in order to terminate any use of my personal data, by Primetel, (for this purpose you can contact via email at .)