Same Day Activation

New service for instant activation!  

Now you can be online from the first day! Don’t wait for the line activation.

Get the Same Day Activation Service by Primetel and enjoy Home Internet from the first day! 

The service is available for applications made through Primetel stores after network availability check. Terms & conditions apply.

1. Same Day Activation is an additional internet service, offered temporarily and exclusively to new subscribers who apply for internet services or/and existing subscribers who apply for a change installation address of an internet line (hereinafter the “Service”), by using a specific device which will be provided by Primetel PLC (hereinafter “PrimeTel”) upon signing the agreement (hereinafter the “Equipment”). The Equipment and the Service, will be provided until the activation of the internet service, which has been requested by the subscriber, in order to allow the subscriber to enjoy internet services from the day of the signing of the agreement.

2. The maximum broadband Service speed is 20Mbps/2Mbps (Download/Upload).

3. Fair usage Policy applies for total data usage of 250GB per month. In case of their consumption before the end of the month, Primetel will reduce the broadband speed to 1Mbps (download/upload) until the end of the current month, in order to protect the networks general performance and ensure the best possible experience for all Primetel data users.

4. The Service is provided only after a network availability check in the subscriber’s installation address by PrimeTel and only until the requested fixed internet line activation. It is clarified that Primetel will contact the subscriber to arrange an appointment to install the internet service, which shall take place within 10 working days from the first communication. In the event an appointment is not fixed due to the subscriber’s fault, the Service will be terminated subject to clause 8.

5. For the Service activation, a €30 (thirty euro) activation fee applies.

6. It is explicitly stated that Primetel PLC reserves throughout the provision of the Service, all legal and beneficial titles, rights and ownership to the Equipment.

7. The Service will be terminated automatically after the activation of the requested fixed broadband line.

8. Upon the Service termination, the subscriber is obliged to return the Equipment to Primetel, either by handing it over to the installer or by returning the equipment to a Primetel store.

9. In case of Equipment’s loss or damages, upon the service termination the subscriber will be charged €49.90 (forty-nine euro and ninety cents), amount corresponding to Equipment’s value.

10. All usual Terms and Conditions for Primetel Services applies.

11. All prices include VAT. For more information, please call 133.

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No, the TV service is not compatible with the Same Day Activation service.

The service will be automatically deactivated after the fixed line activation. The installer will get the equipment back.

The service cost is €30, paid one off and the service is available until your line's activation.

You can order the service during the application process or later.

It is an additional service, addressed to the new Internet subscribers who don’t own a fixed line, offering Internet service from the 1st day via Primetel mobile network until the line’s activation.