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Pay As You Go Mobile Internet Plans 

You just select the duration you need and send the corresponding sms to 8133.

Validity Period

Data Volume – Offer

SMS to 8133

Cost (€)

1 day 1GB ΜΒ1 €1.50
7 days 5GB ΜΒ7 €5
30 days 10GΒ ΜΒ30 €10
30 days 20GB ΜΒ30 2500 €15

To get a Mobile Internet Pay As You Go plan:
  • Select the duration you need and send the corresponding sms to 8133.
  • You will then receive a text informing you that the pay as you go Mobile Internet Plan you requested has been added to your account.
  • In the event you exceed the limit of MB which is included in the package or its date validity period has passed, standard charges will apply for Mobile Internet, €0.2376/MB charged per ΚΒ.
  • To find out your available balance dial *138*2#

For example, if you want 5GB for 1 week, just text
MB7 to 8133.

Τhe settings of your mobile device for accessing the Internet may need to be configured manually following the instructions below:

  • APN (access point name): ip.primetel.
  • “Username” και “password” παραμένουν κενά.

Settings for Mobile Internet - Data

Τhe settings of your mobile device for accessing the Internet may need to be configured manually following the instructions below: 

– APN (access point name): ip.primetel 

– “Username” and “password” remain empty 

Caller ID

See who’s calling before you answer the phone (provided the number is not hidden).

Call Waiting

Take a call while you are on another call. This service can be activated through your device settings.

Call Divert

You can divert your incoming calls to any other number or to your voicemail, in case:

– You miss the call

– Your mobile is switched off

– You are on another call already

Mobile Divert

Activation Command

Deactivation Commands

All Calls*21*destination*11###21#
On Busy*67*destination*11###67#
No Answer*61*destination*11###61#
Cancel All Diverts##002#

Conference Call

 You can add up to 5 other people to your call to speak to each other at the same time.

  • Free Service
  • Join Calls using your phone settings


  • Outgoing calls are charged in normal rates
  • Conference Call while ROAMING is not available (abroad)


By calling 122, you can activate your voicemail service as well as the missed call notification service.

The voicemail service allows you to receive your voice messages when you’re not available. You can listen to these messages later, store them in folders and even mark them as urgent. In addition, with the Remote Pick-up service, you can listen to your messages from any landline or mobile number, in Cyprus and abroad.

The missed call notification service will send you a free SMS for each call made to your number that went unanswered or whilst you were unavailable. For each call you make to your voicemail box, the first 10 seconds are free and then national rates apply for the remaining time.

For activation:

Voicemail: Call 122 -> 0 -> 7 -> 1

Voicemail and MCN: Call 122 -> 0 -> 8 -> 1

*Note: On the first call to 122, you need to set your voicemail PIN. by following the recorder instructions

Call me back service (only with Pay As You Go)

Τhis is a useful service available to Pay As You Go users. When you run out of communication value, you are able to send a free SMS to the recipient to call you back.

To use the service, type *130*MobileNumber# and then press the call button. In order to be able to use this service, please keep the following in mind:

– Your balance should be less than €0.10.

– This SMS can only be sent to Mobile provider networks within Cyprus (PrimeTel, MTN, CYTA).

– Can be used maximum 3 times per day.

Account balance

Find out your account balance by dialing *133#

Top up

You can top up your account by dialing *133*<16-digit voucher code >#. The 16-digit code can be found in the right-hand corner of your top-up voucher.

Transfer money from your account to someone else

You can transfer communication value from your account to another by dialing *121*< recipient MSISDN >*< amount to be transferred >#.

Change of language

You can change the language by dialing*135* <1 (GR), 2(EN), 3(RU)> #.

So, for example, if you wish to change the language from Greek o English, dial*135* <2> #.

Bonus balance

Find out the remaining balance from your bonus by dialing *139#.

Unlimited Kartokinitisou Bonus Balance

To find out how many free minutes/SMS/Data you have available type 138#

How can I find out my number?

With the command *133*12321#

How to find out your available Data balance in PAYG

To find out your available balance dial *138*2#


With PrimeTel mobile, you benefit from simple and low call rates. You’ll also know exactly what and how you’re being charged, with no ‘small print’.

Below you’ll find everything you need to know about our call rates.

  • Basic Charges

National calls€0.075/minute*
SMS to PrimeTel mobile€0.0151
SMS to Cytamobile/ MTN€0.0202
SMS abroad€0.0650
MMS within Cyprus€0.2543**
MMS abroad€0.3560**
Mobile Internet€0.2376/MB charged per KB

*Any time, any network. Charged per second. There is an additional €0.01 call set-up charge for each successful call.

** Actual usage per MMS (rates are based on your Mobile Internet plan)

Prices include VAT

Call abroad with the lowest rates.

Activate the International Call Saver and call abroad with the lowest rates.

GIF - Call Saver PayAsYouGo

How can I activate the International Call Saver service?

  • Dial *123# to activate the service free of charge.

How do I use the service?

  • You just dial 8282 prior to the international number you wish to call
    ie. 8282 + 00 + Country Code + number

Example: If you wish to make a call in England, then you should dial:
8282 + 00 + 44 + 7xxx xxxxx.
Note: Any international call without the use of the prefix will be charged at standard rates.

How can I deactivate the service?

  • Dial *123# to deactivate the service.

Service Cost and Rates (Incl.VAT)

Activation of the service€0.00€0.20
Deactivation of the service€1.00€0.20
Service monthly fee€0.00€2.00
International callsInternational Call Saver ratesInternational Call Saver rates

You just dial 8282 prior to the international number you wish to call.

Terms & Conditions

  • The Service is available to PrimeTel PAYG and Postpaid customers.
  • To get the lower rates customer needs to activate the service and enter the prefix 8282 prior to the international number. If the prefix is not entered then customer will be charged normal rates.
  • The service is not available while roaming.
  • The international call charges will be charged per minute.
  • By purchasing and activating the Connection Pack you become customer of Primetel’s prepaid mobile telephony service Pay as you Go in accordance with the terms and conditions of the service.
  • By activating Connection Pack your account will be valid for the next 30 days. This period shall be extended with every Top-Up according to the value of the Top-Up.
  • The Pay as you Go account can and should be Topped-Up with selected prepaid amounts. The ability to make calls (except emergency calls) will cease when the credit on the Pay as you Go Account is zero or has expired, even if you are on a call. Primetel is not responsible for any calls being cut off due to insufficient or expiry of credit.
  • No bank account or invoice shall be issued for the use of the service.
  • Each call is charged according to the applicable fee at the beginning of the call. A chargeable call can only be made if you have a credit balance in the Pay as you Go account and if there is a minimum charge that credit balance should cover the minimum charge .
  • Local calls to fixed and mobile numbers whilst in Cyprus are charged per second and there is no minimum call charge. Any other calls may be charged on a different mode (e.g. per minute) and there may be a minimum charge, as these are publicized and notified from time to time on Primetel’s website at
  • Calls to access voicemail Service are chargeable.
  • The monthly usage value of the plan as well as any bonus and/or additional free monthly usage value that will not be used within a month cannot be transferred to next months.
  • Call and other service charges are set out in Primetel’s website at Primetel may can vary these charges from time to time.
  • If the account is disconnected or terminated for any reason (excluding number portability), Primetel may allocate your Mobile Phone number to another customer.
  • Where the Pay as you Go account has become inactive but you wish to resume Service, you will need to purchase a new Connection Pack with a new number.
  • If the Pay as you Go account becomes deactivated: (i) you will lose the allocated mobile phone number; (ii) you will lose any credit balance in your Pay as you Go account; (iii) you will lose any names or numbers stored on your SIM Card; and (iv) you will lose any voicemail in relation to your mobile phone number.
  • It is your full and sole responsibility to have at all times control of the SIM Card. Even when the SIM Card is not in your possession, all charges for calls made using that SIM Card or the voicemail Service linked to that SIM Card will be deducted from your Pay as you Go account. You should notify us immediately if the SIM Card is lost or stolen so that it can be deactivated.
eSIM 250GB

Ideal for 2nd number for
Whatsup, Viber, etc

Only for eSIM handsets

eSIM 250GB


€1 talk-time


valid for 30 days

Combo Top-ups



valid for 10 days


+ 600 mins + 600 SMS + €2 credit


valid for 30 days


+ 1200 mins + 1200 SMS + €2 credit


valid for 30 days


+ 2500 mins + 2500 SMS + €2 credit


valid for 60 days


+ 3000 mins + 3000 SMS + €4 credit


valid for 90 days

Balance Top-ups

Use it however you like: talk-time, SMS or MB!






Prices include VAT