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Discover an exciting world of entertainment and spectacle through the Primetel TV packages, all on your Smart TV without any additional equipment!

Say goodbye to cables, the decoder, extra remotes, and enjoy fast and easy access to your TV content through the Primetel TV App.

From thrilling sports and blockbuster movies to binge-worthy series, engaging kids' TV, enlightening documentaries, and up-to-the-minute news, our content variety caters to all tastes.

Find and acquire the television package for your Smart TV that suits your needs:


Why choose the Primetel TV App service?

  • Convenient and easy way of accessing the App by using your Smart TV
  • No need to use external decoder, cables and connections
  • Instant activation with no equipment installation required
  • No need for network cabling in all rooms with TV
  • ¨Transfer¨ the service to your holiday premise e.g. for the holiday season
  • The most competitive Internet & TV packages of the market on your Smart TV!
  • Flexibility within the house / moving to another room and continue watching
  • 1 single remote control for both TV and TV App
  • TV2GO Credentials when traveling within EU

To whom is it addressed?

Before applying for the Primetel TV service through the Primetel TV App, just confirm that:

  • You have or are going to get an Internet service with a connection speed of at least 20Mbps.
  • You have a compatible Smart or Android TV or a compatible Android Box.
  • To find out if you have a compatible Smart TV or Android Box, search for the "Primetel TV" app on the Samsung, LG App Store, or the Google Play Store from your TV. If the Primetel TV App appears, you can download it.

Upgrade your TV experience today!

Immerse yourself in the fascinating world of Primetel TV! Choose among the available TV packages designed to fulfill the needs of your family and enjoy top TV series, documentaries, kids’ programmes, news, fashion, entertainment, and the richest sports content in Cyprus!

Enjoy up to four viewing points, for just €6/month extra.

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Primetel TV App is compatible with:

1. Samsung (2019 and later)
2. LG Smart TVs (2019 and later)
3. All Android smart TVs (with Android 9 and above)

Alternative, to find out if you have a compatible Smart TV or Android Box, search for the "Primetel TV" app on the Samsung, LG, or Google Play Store from your television. If the Primetel TV App appears, then your device is compatible.

You can access your Primetel TV subscription not only from your home connection but also from any other active Primetel connection under the same account details (customer ID).

  • You have or are planning to acquire an Internet service from Primetel with a connection speed of at least 20Mbps 
  • You have a compatible Smart or Android TV or a compatible Android Box
  • To check if your TV is compatible, search for the 'Primetel TV' application on the Samsung, LG, or Google Play Store from your TV. If the Primetel TV App appears, you can download it
  • To activate 2nd (or more) simultaneous viewing points on TVs, you need a 2nd or more Smart or Android TV/Android Box

Possible network branching with additional equipment does not affect the service, as long as the download speed is not affected. All you need is access to the internet with satisfactory download speed. In the case that you have more than one viewing point (smart TVs), you should use them on the same connection (or different connections but under the same account details - customer code).

There is the option of additional viewing with a charge of €6 per month (including VAT).

The package of additional viewing points offers:

  • 3 additional viewing points for packages with speeds of 50Mbps or more
  • 1 additional viewing point for internet packages up to 30Mbps

Yes. The only limitation concerns the sports channels, where only one viewing channel is available.

If you don't have a smart TV or your smart TV isn't compatible with the Primetel TV App, you can purchase an Android box and download the Primetel Smart TV application.

You can enjoy your favorite programs from your smartphone or tablet wherever you are using the TV2GO App!

  • The activation codes for the service will be sent via SMS to your contact number during activation
  • To learn the access credentials for your service, you can log in to the MyPrimetel subscriber portal -> Service Settings -> TV Apps
  • Alternatively, you can send 'TVAPP' to 8133 or call 133 to receive the service codes via SMS on your mobile

Currently, transitioning to Primetel TV via the TV App is not mandatory.

Yes, you can have the Primetel TV service through both methods simultaneously, but there will be corresponding/relevant charges. Information about the packages and their prices can be found here.

Only adult channels are excluded

There is no limitation on the number of devices that can be connected per subscription, but only on the viewing points.

The package includes the connection of one viewing point, just as the service is provided through a decoder (STB). In case a subscriber desires additional viewing points, they can add up to four (4) for Fiber connections and up to two (2) for type of connections, with an additional cost of €6 per viewing point. If the service at any of the additional viewing points is requested through a decoder (STB), a one-time cost of €20 is applied per request (not per viewing point).

    The Primetel TV via the TV App is available in three versions depending on the type of smart television:

    • Android App: For TVs like Sony, Philips, Panasonic, Sharp, etc. Available on the Google Play Store.
    • Samsung App: Available on the Samsung App Store.
    • LG App: Available on the LG Content Store.

The Primetel TV App provides the option to enjoy the content of your TV package on your smart TV. Primetel TV2GO is the application for your mobile and tablet devices. The content in each application may vary.

  • Allows for immediate activation of the service (no need for equipment installation), upon request and provided there is a Primetel internet service
  • Offers flexibility in usage within your premises – direct access from the smart TV of your choice without wiring
  • Provides flexibility for 'transfer' and usage in another room/premises/city (under conditions), without requiring cable installation