Travel Internet Pack

  • Includes 100 Gigabytes of Data
  • Triple size sim (normal, mini, nano)
  • Access to our 4G network at no extra cost
  • Data valid for 20 days

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  • PrimeTel Travel Internet supports only Data. It does not support voice calls and SMS service.
  • Initial Megabytes are valid for 20 days.
  • After the expiry of the initial Megabytes, you can purchase more data for a period of 90 days. After the 90 days the product becomes inactive.
  • Normal Terms and Conditions of PrimeTel PAYG product apply where suitable.

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Call type Cost
Calls to PrimeTel landline FREE
Calls to PrimeTel mobile €0.049/minute. Minimum charge 1 minute
Calls to CYTA landline €0.025/minute
Calls to CYTA mobile €0.050/minute. Minimum charge 1 minute
Calls to other providers landline €0.03/minute
Calls to other providers mobile €0.049/minute. Minimum charge 1 minute
Top-Up Amount
Valid Period
5 GB
10 days
€10 10 GB
30 days
€20 15 GB
30 days
€35 35 GB
30 days
€50 300 GB
90 days

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