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Return and Cancellation Policy

Return and Cancellation Policy for the On-line store

The website https://primetel.com.cy/ as well as the application My Primetel App include the Online store for the sale of products, services and goods provided by Primetel PLC (hereinafter “Primetel”).
It is hereby clarified that the delivery of products and services takes place only within the Republic of Cyprus, while the services are governed by the General Terms and Conditions for the Provision of Services of Primetel as well as the Special Terms and Conditions where applicable.

1. Order Procedure- Cancellation of Order

1.1. Order Confirmation
Upon the receipt of the online order, Primetel will contact customer via email (at the email address provided by the customer) and/or by telephone in order to confirm the purchase.

1.2. The Concluding of a Contract regarding the provision of services, between Primetel and the Customer is completed with the signing of all the necessary documents from the Customer either: a) at a Primetel shop of his/her choice, or b) during the delivery of the order, at the address of his/her choice, where the Customer will have to sign the printed copy of his/her application and hand it over to the Courier who will return it to Primetel, or c) via the signature procedure applied by Primetel and given that all relevant controls by Primetel are completed. The Concluding of a Contract for the purchase of products, it is completed once the payment of the product is completed by the Customer and Primetel and after sending a confirmation message Primetel that it has received the only order of the Customer.

1.3. Order Cancellation
The cancellation of the order is possible only when the order is in one of the following stages:
i. When the order has not yet been completed
ii. When the delivery/provision cannot be made within the set timeframe and the customer does not wish the completion of the order.
iii. When the customer declines the product at the moment of delivery due to the reasons below:
A. The customer changed his/her mind (in which case, the customer will be responsible to pay the delivery cost)
B. The product is defective and cannot be replaced.
It is clarified that for the above two reasons, the product must be intact and sealed by the manufacturer or the store with Primetel’s security tape, and accompanied with all the accessories and gifts that were included with any offer.
iv. Depending on the method of delivery/receipt of the products that the Customer chose, if the Customer does not receive his/her order within 10 days from the date of notification for receipt from Primetels’ shop or from the date of the first attempt of delivery by the courier company

1.4. Order Modification
After the completion of the order, it is not possible to make any changes. In case the customer wishes to modify his/her order, he /she should proceed with cancellation of the order, provided that his/her order is in one of the stages described above, and reselect the products and/or services he/she wishes.

1.5. Availability of Products
If any of the products and/or services are not available, the customer will be contacted via e-mail or/and by telephone, within a reasonable time from the placement of the order, so as to be informed on the possible delivery time and/or provision. In such a case, the customer has the possibility, if he/she deems that this period is not satisfactory, to request the withdrawal of the order of the said product and/or service. The rest of the order can be executed normally, unless the customer cancels it.

1.6. Order Receipt
Delivery of the Product and/or Service is made only to the customer upon presentation of the original identity of the person requesting the order.

2. Product Returns or changes
Primetel accepts product returns or changes within fourteen (14) calendar days from the date of delivery of the product to the customer, provided that:

  i. The product is intact and sealed by the manufacturer or the store with Primetel’s safety tape and accompanied with all accessories and gifts that were included with any offer, and
ii. In all cases, the return or change request is accompanied by the original proof of purchase of the product.
It is clarified that Primetel does not accept the return and/or the change of any products that have been opened or used, unless it concerns the right to withdraw as mentioned below.

3. Return of defective products

3.1. The return of any product that the customer considers defective, should be done in its original packaging and with all the parts that came with the product, manuals, etc, in anyone of Primetels’ shops.

3.2. The return of the product should be done by the customer in one of Primetel’s shops, who should fill in and sign a relevant fault report form to be sent for a technical inspection, where it will be determined whether the product in question is defective or not.

3.3. In the event the product is found to be defective, then the customer is entitled to the following remedies with a priority order as appears below:

(i)Product repair
(ii) Product replacement
(iii) Price reduction
(iv) Cancellation of the agreement and full refund

3.4. In case the device is covered by the defective product return policy, the customer will not be charged the shipping costs. In any other case the shipping costs are borne by the customer.

3.5. It is clarified that the return of defective products only applies to products that are within the warranty period.

4. Right of Withdrawal

4.1. Customers whose Agreement was not completed in a Primetel store, according to Law 133 (I) / 2013, has the right within a period of fourteen (14) days (from the date of activation of the service and / or in case of sale of product from the date of delivery of the product) to withdraw from the Agreement without stating the reasons and without any charge other than the direct cost of returning the product, as described below.

4.2. In the event that the customer wishes to exercise the right of withdrawal he/she must inform Primetel in writing of his/her decision to withdraw with a clear statement by letter or by using the model withdrawal form which can be found here and should send it to Primetel, by mail (registered letter), or e-mail, to the following contact details:

Address: The Maritime Centre, Omonoias Avenue 141, 3045 Limassol
Email address: info@prime-tel.com

It is explicitly clarified that the burden of proof regarding the date of sending the letter / withdrawal form, is borne by the customer.

4.3. Once the right of withdrawal has been successfully exercised, Primetel will refund the customer all money received under this Agreement (excluding any amounts corresponding to the customer's use of the Service, labor and / or any service installation fees, and any consumables which have been altered), using the same means of payment used by the customer for the original transaction free of charge, unless otherwise agreed between the Parties.

4.4. Regarding the return of a product to Primetel, when exercising the right of withdrawal, it is noted that the customer is charged exclusively with the direct cost of returning the product. The customer can return the product, immediately by exercising the right of withdrawal and within the period of fourteen (14) days, by hand in any Primetel store by notifying Primetel in advance at email address: info@prime-tel.com

4.5. It is clarified that the customer has a personal responsibility to make sure that upon delivery of the device and / or product to Primetel, all personal data and / or files installed on the device and / or product have been deleted. It is expressly noted that Primetel is not responsible for any loss of data and / or files from the device. The customer is obliged to remove from the device and / or product all his passwords, SIM cards, memory cards, etc., as Primetel will not be responsible for any loss of these. In the event that the customer has used the device, they must deactivate the "Find My iPhone" service (if it is an Apple device), and / or cancel / delete the Google account for all Android or Apple devices and restore the device in the original factory settings before returning the product to Primetel.

4.6. It is noted that the customer has the right to examine the products to determine the nature, characteristics and function of the products, handling and controlling them in the same way as he/she would in a Primetel store. Primetel considers that the examination of the product to determine its nature, characteristics and function should not under normal circumstances exceed a total of 30 (thirty) minutes of operation of the product. However, if the customer has used the product in such a way that it exceeds the initial examination of a product and / or has caused any damage to the product, Primetel has the right to claim compensation for the reduced value of the product resulting from such use and may deduct such compensation from any refund due to the customer as a result of such use. It is noted that upon receipt of the product, Primetel will proceed to check and inspect the product and will inform the customer about any reduced value that will be deducted from any refund that the customer may be entitled to.

4.7. In the event that the customer wishes to exercise his/her right of withdrawal and transfer his/her number to any other provider, in addition to the above procedure, he/she must proceed with the registration of a portability application to that provider before the termination of his/her Agreement with Primetel . It is noted that Primetel does not bear any responsibility in case of loss of the number or service if the customer fails to register a request to another provider.