Terms of use of our Services

Pre-contractual Information for Purchases of Products and / or Services out of business premises and / or distance contracts

1. Payment of Products and/ or Services

1.1. The payments for the order and/or purchase of any service package and/or product can be made with the use of credit and/or debit card (hereinafter the “Registered Card”), which provide special systems for the secure transfer of data of the Registered Card. The Customer is responsible for the correct recording and validity of the credit card details. It is hereby clarified that the Registered Card will be henceforth used by Primetel for the payment of the monthly fee when it concerns the provision of services.

1.2. The Customer must, upon Concluded the Contract and prior to the activation of the Service, to pay to Primetel all the initial amounts (e.g. Registration Fee, Connection Fee, Deposit, etc) which must be paid to Primetel according to the Provision Services Agreement.

1.3. The Customer shall be obliged to pay all the charges arising from the provision of the services and/or the installation of the equipment on the date stated in the invoice, plus the relevant amount of Value Added Tax and any other direct or indirect tax or fee imposed or that may be imposed in the future.

1.4. Any fixed monthly charges (e.g. monthly subscription fee, monthly payment of equipment, mobile phone, tablet, etc) are invoiced at the beginning of each month whilst any non fixed monthly charges (e.g. telephone calls) are invoiced at the end of each month.

1.5. In case that the payment of the invoice for the provision of services by the Customer, is not done via an automated means of payment (e.g. direct debit, etc.) but the Customer chooses to pay the invoice to any office of Primetel or to send by post a cheque, then Primetel shall be entitled to charge the Customer with an additional administrative fee up to €2,00 per invoice to cover its administrative cost.

2. Delivery of Products

2.1. The Customer can pick up the products of his/her order either from any Primetel store of his/her choice or delivered directly to his/her shipping address only within the Republic of Cyprus with a courier company. It is explicitly clarified that the delivery times of the products from any Primetel store are set by Primetel while the delivery time is set by the courier company.

2.2. The cost of delivery of products with the courier company or the cost of receiving the products from any Primetel store of the Customers choice is displayed at the checkout stage before payment.

2.3. The products of the order are delivered to the shipping address or at Primetel’s shop within 1-4 working days from the Conclusion of the Contract. In case the order of the products includes the purchase of any services, then the products of the order are delivered to the shipping address or at Primetel’s shop within 1-4 working days from the activation of the relevant services.

2.4. In the event of any unforeseen circumstances and/or situations beyond Primetel’s control and/or force majeure events, then delivery times may be delayed. Primetel will inform the Customer about this as soon as possible and in cooperation with the courier company with which it cooperates, will make every effort to deliver the orders as soon as possible.

2.5. It is explicitly clarified that the delivery of the product can only be made to the Customer/purchaser upon presentation of the original ID of the person who purchased the order.

2.6. Primetel reserves the right to modify the shipping methods, terms and prices at will and without prior obligation to inform its prospective customers of the changes, by revising this information.

3. Right of Withdrawal

3.1. Customers whose Contract was not concluded in a Primetel store, according to Law 112(I)/2021, has the right within a period of fourteen (14) days (from the date of activation of the service and / or in case of sale of product from the date of delivery of the product) to withdraw from the Agreement without stating the reasons and without any charge other than the direct cost of returning the product, as described below.

3.2. In the event that the Customer wishes to exercise the right of withdrawal he/she must inform Primetel in writing of his/her decision to withdraw with a clear statement by letter or by using the model withdrawal form which can be found here and should send it to Primetel, by mail (registered letter), or e-mail, to the following contact details:

Address: The Maritime Centre, Omonoias Avenue 141, 3045 Limassol

Email address: info@prime-tel.com

3.3. It is explicitly clarified that the burden of proof regarding the date of sending the letter / withdrawal form, is borne by the Customer.

3.4. Once the right of withdrawal has been successfully exercised, Primetel will refund the Customer all money received under the Agreement (excluding any amounts corresponding to the Customer's use of the Service, labor and / or any service installation fees, airtime cards and any consumables), using the same means of payment used by the Customer for the original transaction free of charge, unless otherwise agreed between the Parties.

3.5. Regarding the return of a product to Primetel, when exercising the right of withdrawal, it is noted that the customer is charged exclusively with the direct cost of returning the product. The customer can return the product, immediately by exercising the right of withdrawal and within fourteen (14) days from the day on which he/she announced to Primetel his/her decision to withdraw, by hand in any Primetel store, by notifying Primetel in advance at email address: info@prime-tel.com

3.6. It is clarified that the Customer has a personal responsibility to make sure that upon delivery of the device and / or product to Primetel, all personal data and / or files installed on the device and / or product have been deleted. It is expressly noted that Primetel is not responsible for any loss of data and / or files from the device. The Customer is obliged to remove from the device and / or product all his passwords, SIM cards, memory cards, etc., as Primetel will not be responsible for any loss of these. In the event that the Customer has used the device, they must deactivate the "Find My iPhone" service (if it is an Apple device), and / or cancel / delete the Google account for all Android or Apple devices and restore the device in the original factory settings before returning the product to Primetel.

3.7. It is noted that the Customer has the right to examine the products to determine the nature, characteristics and function of the products, handling and controlling them in the same way as he/she would in a Primetel store. Primetel considers that the examination of the product to determine its nature, characteristics and function should not under normal circumstances exceed a total of 30 (thirty) minutes of operation of the product. However, if the Customer has used the product in such a way that it exceeds the initial examination of a product and / or has caused any damage to the product, Primetel has the right to claim compensation for the reduced value of the product resulting from such use and may deduct such compensation from any refund due to the Customer as a result of such use. It is noted that upon receipt of the product, Primetel will proceed to check and inspect the product and will inform the Customer about any reduced value that will be deducted from any refund that the Customer may be entitled to.

3.8. In the event that the Customer wishes to exercise his/her right of withdrawal and transfer his/her number to any other provider, in addition to the above procedure, he/she must proceed with the registration of a portability application to that provider before the termination of his/her Agreement with Primetel . It is noted that Primetel does not bear any responsibility in case of loss of the number or service if the customer fails to register a request to another provider.

4. Returns – Products Changes

Primetel accepts product returns or changes within fourteen (14) calendar days from the date of delivery of the product to the Customer, provided that:

i. The product is intact and sealed by the manufacturer or the store with Primetel’s safety tape and accompanied with all accessories and gifts that were included with any offer, and

ii. In all cases, the return or change request is accompanied by the original proof of purchase of the product.

It is clarified that Primetel does not accept the return and/or the change of any products that have been opened or used, unless it concerns the right to withdraw as mentioned below.

5. Return of Defective Products

5.1. The return of any product that the Customer considers defective, should be done in its original packaging and with all the parts that came with the product, manuals, etc in anyone of Primetels’ shops.

5.2. The return of the product should be done by the Customer in one of Primetel’s shops, who should fill in and sign a relevant fault report form to be sent for a technical inspection, where it will be determined whether the product in question is defective or not.

5.3. In the event the product is found to be defective, then the Customer is entitled to the following remedies with a priority order as appears below:

i. Product repair

ii. Product replacement

iii. Price reduction

iv. Cancellation of the agreement and full refund

5.4. In case the device is covered by the defective product return policy, the Customer will not be charged the shipping costs. In any other case the shipping costs are borne by the Customer.


5.6. It is clarified that the return of defective products only applies to products that are within the warranty period.

6. Products’ Warranty

6.1. All devices sold through the Online shop are covered by the manufacturer's warranty in accordance with the terms stated in the device manual and the warranty of applicable law. The warranty for the devices sold through the Primetel Online Shop is valid for 2 years from the date of delivery of the device to the Customer for defects in the device upon delivery. All consumables or accessories of a device (eg chargers, batteries, headphones) are covered by up to 6 months warranty. If the product is replaced, the warranty will continue for the remainder of the relevant period. Pursuant to the Consumer Protection Law of 2021 (Law 112 (I) / 2021), Primetel is responsible for non-compliance (eg device defects) that exist upon delivery of the device and which is notified to Primetel within 2 months of the date the non-compliance was identified.

6.2. Warranty claims must be notified to Primetel no later than 12 months after delivery of the device. After 12 months, the responsibility for proving that the defect existed at the time of delivery lies with the buyer. It is clarified that any warranty requirements are accepted upon presentation of original purchase forms and delivery of the product to any Primetel store.

6.3. In relation to Apple products, it is clarified that the Customer benefits from the manufacturer's warranty, which in the case of Apple lasts 1 year, as well as the two-year warranty of the applicable legislation, while the procedures set by Apple itself apply and implemented by its authorized laboratory in Cyprus. Regarding the upgrade of the device software by the authorized laboratory there is a relevant charge.

6.4. Manufacturers warranty

The warranty covering the device expires when (the following reasons are indicative, not restrictive):

i. The warranty period has expired from the date of receipt.

ii. Damage is the fault of the Customer / user of the device, including without limitation corrosion due to fluid or moisture entering the device, fire, earthquake, external shock, unauthorized operation / opening / repair of the device or repair using unauthorized exchanges, from the fact that the product has been subjected to use contrary to the manufacturer's instructions, other external causes, etc.

iii. the defect was caused by accident, physical damage or

iv. the serial number, auxiliary date code or IMEI number have been withdrawn, erased, altered or are illegible,

v. the defect was caused by changes to the product software by an unauthorized person,

vi. the defect is due to a file or program, which was placed in the internal or external memory of the product,

vii. the product has not been inspected by Primetels’ authorized technician to detect and confirm the product defect.

6.5. During the warranty period, Primetel reserves the right to repair or replace the defective product free of charge at its discretion. In case of repair, the defective material will be replaced, while all material of the product are considered as material. All materials or other equipment that has been returned and replaced will be the property of Primetel.

6.6. In case the repair of any problems are not covered by the warranty, Primetel will inform the Customer about the repair cost. It is clarified that if the defective product is out of warranty and the repair cost does not exceed € 60 (incl. VAT), no prior approval will be required for the repair, regardless of the current value of the product.

6.7. No warranty is provided for repairs related to damage caused by moisture, fire, liquid ingress, etc. and the repair has been done by order of the Customer.

6.8. The minimum repair and / or repair period of any defective product is ten (10) working days. In case the product should be kept by the repair center for a longer period, Primetel will inform the Customer accordingly.

6.9. In case of non-receipt of the product for a period of more than three (3) months from the notice that it is ready for receipt, then Primetel does not bear any responsibility for its storage. If the product is not received within the aforementioned deadline, the product becomes the property of Primetel and can be used or recycled as Primetel chooses at its discretion. In case the Customer wishes to ship the product then he will be charged with the shipping costs.

6.10. It is expressly stated that Primetel is not responsible for any loss of data (personal or other) during the repair or loss due to a product defect, whether due to a manufacturing error (thus under warranty) or a user error (thus out of warranty). The Customer must keep a backup of the data stored in the product and make sure that the SIM card and the data card have been removed from the product, while any personal data has been deleted.

7. Complaints

In case the Customer has any complaint, he/she should first report the said complaint to Primetel and in case the Customer is not satisfied with the answer he/she will receive, then he/she has the right to contact the Commissioner for Regulation of Electronic Communications and Posts. More information about the Commissioner can be found at the following link: https://ocecpr.ee.cy/