Promo Terms and Conditions

Telephony + Internet + Mobile

Special Terms and Conditions for the package «Telephony + Internet + Mobile» («the Package»)

1. These Special Terms and Conditions (“STC”) are additional to the General Terms and Conditions (“GTC”) and apply to Subscribers who choose the Package.

2. In case of conflict or contradiction between the STC and the GTC then the provisions of the STC shall prevail.

3. The Package is valid only with the simultaneous signing and concurrent validity of an Agreement for the Provision of Primetel Fixed Services and an Agreement for the Provision of Primetel Mobile Services to the Basic Pay Monthly Plan or to any other upgraded Pay Monthly Mobile Plan.

4. The interconnection of the two Agreements is done only in order for the Subscriber to benefit from the special price of the Package. The relationship of the Subscriber with regards to the services provided under each Agreement shall be governed only by the corresponding Agreement. It is hereby clarified that in case of termination or suspension of the services provided under an Agreement, the services provided under the other Agreement shall be terminated and/or suspended automatically.

5. Eligible for the Package are new subscribers who sign a contract including the GTC and the STC with initial duration 18 months and existing Primetel subscribers who sign a new contract including the GTC and the STC with initial duration 24 months, provided they do not benefit from any other Primetel offer that includes any device.

6. The price €33,61/month includes one fixed telephone line, internet with speed up to 8Mbps/768kbps and the basic package of Primetel mobile pay monthly (Mobile basic). The subscriber will pay additionally any charges arising from telephony calls and / or any upgrades and / or any other use of the package’s services.

7. Fixed Telephony may be provided via Voice Over Internet Protocol (VOIP). In such a case, any communications may not be of the same quality as standard analogue telephony PSTN and is also possible the provision of the service not to be continuous or uninterrupted due to its nature, including calls to emergency numbers.

8. The availability of the package depends on Primetel’s network coverage.

9. These Special Terms and Conditions are valid for agreements signed under this offer until 31/01/2013.