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Terms and Conditions Roam like at Home

Primetel PLC (hereinafter “Primetel”) in full conformity with the Regulations of the European Union regarding the abolition of International Roaming charges within the European Union sets out the below terms and conditions, governing the implementation of Roam Like at Home:

1. Primetel reserves the right to request from its existing Customers and/or future Customers to provide a proof of normal residence in the Republic of Cyprus or proof of other stable link entailing frequent and substantial presence in the territory of the Republic of Cyprus. It is understood that in case that an existing Primetel’s Customer and/or future Primetel’s Customer refuses to provide relevant evidence, Primetel reserves the right to refuse the provision of Roam Like at Home.

2. In order to prevent abusive or anomalous usage of regulated roaming services, Primetel can apply fair, reasonable and proportionate control mechanisms based on objective indicators connected with the risk of abusive or anomalous usage during periodic travel within the European Union. The objective indicators may include measures to establish whether Customers have prevailing domestic consumption over roaming consumption or prevailing domestic presence of the customer over presence in other Member States of the European Union. Such indicators of presence and consumption will be observed cumulatively and for a period of time of at least four months.

3. In case that a risk of abusive or anomalous usage of regulated roaming services is detected, Primetel will inform the Customer on the usage pattern indicating such a risk, while at the same time allowing the Customer within a period of 2 weeks to comply with a change in the usage pattern, demonstrating actual domestic consumption or presence. Primetel is entitled to proceed with the application of a surcharge.

4. Primetel shall cease to apply the surcharge as soon as it considers that the Customer’s usage no longer indicates a risk of abusive or anomalous use of the regulated roaming services.

5. It is understood that the Fair Usage Policy for Mobile Services that Primetel applies and is published in our website www.primetel.com.cy, shall be applicable to Roam Like at Home as well, while Primetel shall reserve inter alia the right to suspend temporarily or/and terminate the Customer’s service in case that the Customer makes excessive use beyond the limit of normal/permissible use as defined by the respective trade policy of the service, and there is any suspicion of fraud according to the standards of the GSM Association.

6. Primetel reserves the right to modify the herein terms and conditions whenever deems it necessary. Such modifications shall be published at Primetel’s website and shall be in force from the publication date, unless otherwise provided by Primetel. Subject to the provisions of any law or regulation or of any order from any appropriate authority, the aforesaid posting will also be considered as notification to the customer and it is the customer’s responsibility to ensure awareness of any changes.

7. It is understood that the herein terms and conditions apply as supplementary to the general terms and conditions for the provision of Primetel’s services, the special terms and conditions and any other terms and conditions of Primetel.

8. For more information please contact Primetel’s Customer Support Centre at 133.