Promo Terms and Conditions

International Talk - Terms & Conditions

  • The international call packages (the “Package”) are available only to the subscribers of the Unlimited mobile plans as an add-on.
  • The voice minutes of the Package can be used for international calls to mobiles and landlines of the European Union countries only, and may be subject to change from time to time. International calls to any premium service and/or special services and/or premium numbers and/or special numbers and/or video calls and/or fax and/or data calls are not included in the Package.
  • The Package can be activated/deactivated via SMS, by sending“200 ON” to 8133 for activation and “200 OFF” for deactivation.
  • The monthly fee of the Package will be recurring as long as the add-on remains active on subscriber’s plan and will be charged on the monthly invoice of the subscriber. Prorated monthly fee and minutes will apply upon activation and deactivation.
  • The charging unit is per minute. After the usage of all the voice minutes of the Package, the normal international rates for fixed and mobile of the respective country apply.
  • Any unused minutes within a monthly billing period cannot be transferred to the next month.
  • In case of a Package change, any unused minutes cannot be transferred to the new Package.
  • If the subscriber decides to change his mobile plan to a non-unlimited mobile plan (e.g. Basic) then the international call package will be automatically terminated.
  • The subscriber can be informed for the remaining minutes of the Package anytime by dialing *142#.
  • The above terms and conditions are applied in addition to the Standard Terms and Conditions for the Provisions of Primetel’s Services and to the Special Terms and Conditions of the Unlimited mobile plans.