Terms of use of our Services

Fair Use

Primetel PLC (“Primetel”), based on the experience and knowledge gained so far and considering the feedback received from its customers, has implemented as from 1st of May 2007 this Fair Use Policy (“FUP”) so that it can continue to deliver broadband services that are fast and reliable to all its customers. The FUP must be read in conjunction with Primetel’s Terms and Conditions and Acceptable Use Policy (“AUP”).

The FUP provides that Primetel monitors the performance of its network and may restrict the amount of bandwidth available to customers (including any user of Primetel’s network) with heavy usage during busy periods to ensure that all or at least the majority of its customers get the most out of the service. This applies to all customers using Primetel’s broadband services including unlimited broadband.

In addition, customers who frequently use excessive bandwidth to the detriment of others will be contacted by Primetel to be advised of this, requested to change their behaviour for the benefit of the rest of the customers and if feasible offered alternative courses of action. In cases where customer’s usage remains high to the detriment of other customers in breach of the FUP, Primetel may discontinue or suspend or terminate the services of this customer. This will enable Primetel to offer a fair service to the rest of its customers.

In the event “Internet Services” are provided by wireless mean and the overall data usage in a calendar month exceeds 500 GB, Primetel shall reduce the connection speed to 1Mbps (download/ upload) until the end of the month, for the purposes of protecting networks’ capacity and ensuring the best possible experience for all the users of Primetels’ data services.

Any such discontinuance, suspension or termination will be without prejudice and will not negate or cancel any obligations of the customer, including financial obligations, towards Primetel pursuant to the agreement between them.

Primetel reserves the right to amend the FUP any time it deems it necessary. The changes to the FUP will be posted to the web site of Primetel and will become effective upon their posting, unless otherwise specified by Primetel. Subject to the provisions of any law or regulation or of any order from any appropriate authority, the aforesaid posting will also be considered as notification to the customer and it is the customer’s responsibility to ensure awareness of any changes in the FUP.