Terms of use of our Services

Fair Usage Policy for Mobile Services

Primetel in order to prevent congestion in telephone network and to be able to provide quality mobile services to consumers created and implemented FUPMS for services that include unlimited usage of local voice calls and/or SMS and/or Mobile Internet.

According to the FUPMS, the unlimited use of voice calls, SMS and Mobile Internet is offered for private and personal use. The use through PBX or any other line or device connected to a computer aiming at making a large number of voice and video calls and/or sending a high volume of SMS and/or data is not permitted. In addition, any use and/or operation of the unlimited usage of Mobile Services aiming at making for profit or reselling this service is prohibited.

If any subscriber violates the FUPMS and makes reckless and excessive use beyond the limit of normal/permissible use as defined by the respective trade policy service, Primetel reserves the right, after giving advance notice to the subscriber, to proceed to impose additional charges and/or transfer the Service to another Package for Mobile Services and/or suspend and/or terminate the service without any further notice.

Primetel reserves the right to amend the FUPMS any time it deems it necessary. The changes to the FUPMS will be posted to the web site of Primetel and will become effective upon their posting, unless otherwise specified by Primetel. Subject to the provisions of any law or regulation or of any order from any appropriate authority, the aforesaid posting will also be considered as notification to the customer and it is the customer’s responsibility to ensure awareness of any changes in the FUPMS.
The FUPMS must be read in conjunction with Primetel’s Terms and Conditions.