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TV2GO - Terms and Conditions for Primetel TV packages subscribers

1. The current terms specify the conditions under which Primetel PLC (hereinafter “Primetel”), offers the service Primetel TV2GO (hereinafter the “Service” or “service Primetel TV2GO”). The Service is an additional service to Primetel TV Packages and allows the transmission of certain programs offered by Primetel TV packages by using a Network Application (hereinafter the “Application”). The subscriber of Primetel TV (hereinafter referred to as the “Subscriber”), by using the Application can view on a smartphone and/or tablet the aforementioned programmes, depending on the corresponding TV package of the Subscriber. The Service provides access to Primetel’s electronic program guide for Primetel TV packages, as well as information and related interactive features. The installation of the Application using data from the mobile connection of any provider is charged according to the provider’s pricelist.

2. The service Primetel TV2GO is offered according to Primetels’ commercial policy as it applies at the time.

3. Primetel reserves the right to add or remove programmes and to modify to its own discretion and according to its’ commercial policy the broadcasted audio-visual content, the applications and the additional services of the Service.

4. Use of the Service and the interactive features can take place within or outside the Subscriber’s place of permanent residence in the European Union (EU), in accordance with European Regulation (EU) 2017/1128 on cross-border portability of online content.

5. Service Subscriber is the person who has an active Primetel Television package, has downloaded the Application (on a smartphone or tablet), has access to internet and is connected with the login (user name and password) that were provided to him/her by Primetel upon the activation of the Service.

6. Prerequisites for Primetel TV2GO service is the active home subscription to any of Primetels’ TV packages and the installation of the Application on a tablet or smartphone.

7. Renting of movies through Primetel TV2GO is not possible.

8. A temporary disconnection of the Primetel TV package service entails temporary disconnection of the Primetel TV2GO service from any device. It is deemed that the termination of the Primetel TV package service Agreement entails the removal of the Primetel TV2GO service from any device.

9. Use of the Service may take place with any of the following ways:

9.1. For tablet and smartphone through Internet access provided by ADSL/VDSL connection from any provider.

9.2. For tablet and smartphone through mobile phone connection of any provider, if the internet is enabled and the SIM Card is mounted on the corresponding device.

9.3. For the use of the Service the terms and conditions of the respective network provider or electronic communications service provider applies.

9.4. Subscriber may use the Service for up to three (3) devices (smartphone, tablet). The viewing of the sports channels via Primetel TV2GO, is available only to one of the three registered devices simultaneously (one viewing channel). Three (3) viewing channels, are available for the simultaneous vision of the rest of the channels.

9.5. The Subscriber is entitled to change the device any time.

9.6. Transfer of the Primetel TV service to a third person results to the abolition of the Primetel TV2GO service.

10. Audio-visual content –Correct use

10.1. The audio-visual content, graphics, logos, marks, other distinctive features as well as other services and applications that are provided within the context of the Service belong to Primetel and/or to third persons and are protected as products of intellectual property and any rights over them belong to their legitimate beneficiaries. It is expressly forbidden any kind of use, alteration, removal or coverage of the audio-visual content, graphics, marks and of the other dinstictive features that appear during the transmission of the programmes of the Service.

10.2. The Subscriber is bound to make proper use of the Service, in accordance with the current terms and legislation. Any public presentation of the content of the Services and any presentation in any place and for any use not agreed herein, as well as the reproduction/distribution of the programmes of the Service via Internet, and /or “decryption keys”, as well as the disposal of the Service in any way and/or its’ audio-visual content to third parties and its’ commercial exploitation, is explicitly forbidden. Moreover, the reproduction and/or the copying of the Service‘s content is explicitly forbidden. In the event of a breach, Primetel reserves the right to suspend at any time, for its own benefit, the provision of the Service, and of any other service of Primetel TV and/or additional service of the Subscriber and claim compensation for any damage, in accordance with Primetels’ pricelist inforce at the time and published on the websites.

10.3. The Subscriber is bound to make use the Service, the applications and any additional services, in accordance with the law, morality and the current terms and conditions of the Primetel TV2GO Player license agreement, and not to commit any act or omission that may cause any loss, damage or malfunction to Primetel and/or third parties, and/or affect, defame or put Primetel in legal, financial or business risk. The Subscriber undertakes to make good any damage caused to Primetel and / or to third parties – such as content providers, software licensors, etc. – by illegal and/or unfair use and/or use that generally opposes to good morals, these terms and the Primetel TV2GO Player License Terms of the Service and its content.

10.4. The content, names, images, texts, logos, marks, sounds and other distinctive features incorporated into the Service, are protected from the relevant industrial and intellectual property laws and are owned exclusively by Primetel and/or by third parties entitled to them. Their appearance in the Service in no event constitutes a license or right to use for the Subscriber/User or for third parties. Any kind of alteration, removal or coverage of design, logos, images or texts that appear during the transmission of Primetel TV programmes is explicitly forbidden.

10.5. Primetel is responsible only for the audiovisual content it produces. In no event shall it be liable for the accuracy, reliability or utility of the purpose of the audiovisual content broadcasted and/or retransmitted through the Service. Primetel assumes no responsibility for third-partys’ audiovisual content that may affect personality, honor, reputation, private and family life, professional, social, scientific, artistic, political or other relevant person’s activity, the image of which appears on the screen or whose name or data are sufficient to identify them.

10.6. The Service, its’ audio-visual content, the Application and the other services and functions are provided “as is”. Primetel in no event is responsible for any interruption, lost or damage of the Subscriber/user and/or of a third person, or provides any kind of guarantee for any particular purpose or use.

10.7. The Service entails referrals to third parties websites. Primetel is no responsible for the content of those websites, as well as for any damage that may result from accessing them or by using their content.

11. Financial Terms

A one off activation charge of five euro (€5), Included VAT, will apply only upon 1st login and only for the 1st device that will register under the the Service,given that the user has an active Primetel Television package. The use and the connection of the Service to further devices is free of charge.

12. Primetel may amend and/or revise these terms, including fees, if Primetel deems it appropriate or if it is required due to the modification of any law or regulation or by decree or instruction of any regulating, judicial, governmental or other competent Authority or if Primetel deems that it is needed for purposes of preservation or improvement of the Services or for better and/or more efficient functioning of the Company, or for purposes of equal and uniform treatment of all subscribers or for any other reason Primetel deems appropriate.

13. Any amendment and/or revision will be published in the website of Primetel or in the daily press and will be valid as of the date fixed by Primetel.

14. Primetel reserves the right to disconnect the Service for reasons of maintenance or to perform scheduled technical works in its’ systems.

15. Primetel may use Cookies from the use of the Service to facilitate Subscribers’ access to certain services for statistical reasons or in general for the commercial development of the Service. Given that Subscriber downloads, installs and starts the use of the relative Application. For further information regarding Cookies, please see the “Cookies” section.

16. Primetel reserves the right to proceed to the necessary audits, in its’ own discretion, in order to verify the proper use of the Service according to the present terms and the applicable law.

17. The Subscriber shall use the Service for personal use only, according to the present terms. The Subscriber must inform Primetel in a timely manner and in writing for any amendment of its details.

18. Primetel does not guarantee the Services’ uninterrupted and/or an error free operation. Consequently, it shall not be responsible for any loss, damage or harm suffered by the Subscriber/user and/or third parties for any reason connected to the functioning, error in the operation or inability of the Service to operate.

19. Primetel TV2GO’s “Diagnostics” feature allows the Service to send information about problems that occur during its operation for optimization and error resolution reasons. This information does not include in any way personal information of the Subscriber / User. Indicatively, they may include, date and time of error, information about the device’s operating system, etc. The Subscriber / User has the ability at any time to disable this functionality.

20. In addition to these terms, the Subscriber’s obligations under the Primetel General and Special Terms of Service apply to both the Subscriber’s services and the corresponding Subscriber’s connections.

21. This Service, once activated, will be valid for the entire duration of the Primetel TV service contract.

22. In addition to Clause 21, this Service is removed:

22.1. In case of termination or termination of the Primetel TV Service Agreement.

22.2. Primetel is entitled at any time to terminate this Service for no particular reason, such as, but not limited to, (a) if the use of the Service is in breach of these terms and / or the applicable law; (b) in any other case of noncompliance of the Subscriber / User with any of the present obligations.

23. Force Majeure

In case of occurrence of a force majeure event, where the obligation to provide Primetel’s television service becomes impossible or excessively burdensome for Primetel, the Service is also suspended until the end of the events that caused the failure. If the force majeure condition persists for more than thirty (30) days, any of the parties is entitled to terminate the Service without any damage by written notice to the other party. Force majeure events are , but not limited to, hostilities, revolt, terrorist or malicious actions (sabotage), network disasters, including satellites, third party actions, fire, floods, natural disasters or natural phenomena, in general events not due to Primetels’ fault, network constraints and difficulties, strike, lock-out, acts / decisions by national and / or Community or other authorities, and generally any event that cannot be predicted or prevented by the parties.

24. Assignment

24.1. The Subscriber shall not assign any right or transfer any obligation arising from here to a third party without the prior written consent of Primetel.

24.2. Primetel may assign any claims deriving from here, at any time.

25. Protection of Personal Data

Regarding the processing of his/her personal data for the provision of Primetel’s services, the Subscriber may be informed by the relevant text, posted on the https://Primetel.com.cy/en/privacypolicy/


26. Primetel’s non-exercise or partial exercise of any of its rights herein, shall not constitute a waiver of such right nor exclude its exercise in the future.

27. If any term herein is held to be invalid for any reason, the remaining terms remain valid and Primetel is entitled to replace or amend the invalid term in accordance with the principles of good faith and the intended purpose of the invalid term.

28. The applicable law regarding any dispute arising herein is Cyprus law and the courts of the Republic of Cyprus have exclusive jurisdiction for the settlement of such disputes.

29. For more information contact Primetel Customer Service at 133.